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German Advent Calendar Day 5


Adventskalender Tag 5: die Ruhe genießen

die Ruhe
die Ruhe
rest, ease, calm, peace, tranquility, repose
die Ruhe

to enjoy

die Ruhe genießen

Genießen Sie die Ruhe.

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German Advent Calendar Day 4


Adventskalender Tag 4: die Lichterkette

This is an odd plural form.

Das Licht, die Lichter
das Licht, the light.
die Lichter, the lights.

die Kette, the chain.

The lights chain is a string of lights. Which begs the question: do they get all tangled up in German-speaking countries like they do here?! Or does German Ordnung also apply to Christmas lights? (Ha!)

die Lichterkette

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German Advent Calendar Day 3


Adventskalender Tag 3: Plätzchen backen

Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.
Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.
Kekse are cookies and they're available all year round, but you can only have Plätzchen at Christmas time.
Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.

Plätzchen backen - to bake Christmas cookies

Mmmm, Plätzchen backen. Super!
Mmmm, Plätzchen backen. Super!

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German Advent Calendar Day 2


Adventskalender Tag 2: Schlittschuhlaufen

das Schlittschuhlaufen - as a noun, talking about ice skating is das Schlittschuhlaufen and it's one word for Schlittschuhlaufen.

If you want to talk about the actual skating, when you want to use the verb, then it's Schlittschuh laufen, two words.

The skates themselves are der Schlittschuh, die Schlittschuhe

Yesterday you learned im Winter for "in the winter" or "in winter," thus we have: Im Winter kann man Schlittschuh laufen.
Im Win…

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German Advent Calendar Day 1


Adventskalender Tag 1: der Winter

der Winter

Der Winter is the season we're in and all the seasons, lucky for you, are der words. Der Winter, der Frühling, der Sommer, der Herbst

That's how you can remember that it's der Winter. To say something takes place in winter it's im Winter. You'll need this bit of information tomorrow.

der Winter

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German Advent Calendar 2022

der Adventskalender
der Adventskalender
the Advent Calendar
der Adventskalender

Advent is the time before Christmas, and it is not Christmas time. Der Adventskalender comes from the Christian tradition of waiting or a time of expectation of the birth of Jesus.

When I was a kid, Advent was the time of year my grandmother gave me a cool calendar with little doors that opened and had 25 miniature toys in it. It was my all-time favorite Adventskalender and I still have one of those miniatur…

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Affordable Swiss Watches for Women and Men


Die Uhr means "the watch."

Die Schweiz means Switzerland.


I think not.

In seriousness, though, I grew up with the preconception that all Swiss watches were extraordinarily expensive. Sehr teuer.

Then I discovered this Swiss watch company and discovered that you CAN buy a high quality, Swiss watch for under $500.


Jowissa is a Swiss watchmaking company

Jowissa is also an independent, family-owned business in its third generation. I grew up in a family-owned bu…

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How and How Much to Tip in Germany


Giving a tip in German is ein Trinkgeld geben or simply Trinkgeld geben.

It's different from the US, and in this episode you'll learn:

  • how much to tip for a coffee
  • how much to tip for an inexpensive, sit-down lunch
  • how much to tip for a nicer dinner out

And you'll learn what to say when you give the tip.

A lot of people ask me this question, and if they have an idea of the answer, it's usually a vague "You round up, right?"

That's actually pretty close!

How to tip for coffee:


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11 Interesting and Important Facts About Austria


This month clients in the group classes and private lessons are learning about Austria. They have access to an online lesson with typical Austrian phrases and expressions and we also had a Konversationskurs, a Conversation Class, all about Austria.

Here you get to learn some of what my clients have learned about Austria this month, including how to pronounce Österreich.


Die Krimmler Wasserfälle (The Health Secret!) https://www.austria.info/en/wellbeing-nature/lakes-mountains/krimml-w…

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How do you "Tell your folks I says hi" in German?


Ope! Almost forgot to tell you this important thing about greetings in the Germanic cultures.

Although we have loads of people with German heritage in Wisconsin, and Charlie Berens has taught us the brilliance of the phrase "Tell your folks I says hi," here, this custom doesn't require as many elements as in the Germanic countries.

There, in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, it's different. And it's important. It's an important cultural custom that gets overlooked frequently if you don't know…

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