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Your anchor on the stormy seas of German learning.™

German learning for Germanophiles, Swissophiles, Austrophiles, book lovers, (over)thinkers, word collectors, geeks, knowledge seekers, and (recovering) perfectionists.

Learning German with Frau Warner is likely right for you if you:

  • love to learn,
    • or you need to learn new things almost constantly
  • learn well through analogies, metaphors, and idioms,
  • find calm in following rules and systems, by color-coding things, and organizing,
  • enjoy precision immensely,
  • collect words; perhaps you can can 'taste,' 'touch,' or 'smell' words,
  • love exploring new ideas and concepts,
  • are creative with words, music, or artistic media,
  • like puzzles and games,
  • are fueled by deep thoughts and deep conversation,
  • can concentrate for long periods of time,
  • want to be freed from the tyranny of tests,
  • and/or you strive for self-actualization.*

* The intro and this text is based on Rainforest Mind by Paula Prober. Ask Frau Warner about it sometime.


die Leseratte = bookworm
der Deutschenfreund/die Deutschenfreundin = Germanophile (or simply der/die Germanophile)
der Perfektionist/die Perfektionistin = perfectionist
die Präzision, die Genauigkeit = precision
die Selbstverwirklichung = self-actualization

Hören Sie und sprechen Sie nach:

Listen and repeat after me. Use the speed control on the right to de- or increase the speed of the audio.

How can I learn German?

Live, Online Classes

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All classes are taught by Frau Warner.

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Take private German lessons with Frau Warner in an online classroom.

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Am Blog

Here are the three most recent German learning blog posts:

Tag der offenen Tür


Tag der offenen Tür
Tag der offenen Tür

Open House!

Tag der offenen Tür

Das hier ist Ihre Einladung zum Tag der offenen Tür am 16. September.

This is your invitation to the GermanWithNicole.com 10th Anniversary Open House on September 16th.

Zur Anmeldung

When I lived in Germany one of my first jobs was teaching voice, piano, and music theory at a private music school. The owner had recently moved into that building, where he could have additional rooms for more private teachers, and I sta…

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sich anmelden - Conjugations and Meaning


sich anmelden

Ohhhh, reflexive separable verbs. You can pride yourself in your use of reflexive verbs as soon as you start learning them. (See what I did there? Pride yourself. Ah-ha, ah-ha!) And today you'll learn sich anmelden, to register (yourself) for a German class.

After the intro you'll learn the conjugations for the verb sich anmelden, and then you'll hear a German text. After a very short interlude you'll hear the same text in English. That's verb conjugations, German text, English t…

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German With Cats!


On Saturday my clients had a Konversationskurs, a Conversation Class, entitled German With Cats! We worked through vocabulary on names for cats, the parts of a cat's body, the cat box, how to say “to pet a cat” in German, we talked about how cats take a bath, how they communicate, and expressions in German to do with cats.

Es war sehr lustig.
Es war sehr lustig.
It was really funny.
Es war sehr lustig.

Today you'll learn 10 nouns, verbs, and expressions using cats in German, and of course there's…

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