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Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome!

Hallo, ich bin Nicole!

If you are anything like my clients, you LOVE learning German and you also find German frustrating, sometimes confusing, and maybe even overwhelming.

I know - I learned German myself. That's why I've made it my duty to make German easier to learn.

What you'll find here is vastly different from other German sites. Other people worship the idea that "German is too hard!" Not here. Here we believe that German might be a hard language, however you CAN learn it.


Because learning German shouldn't be that hard.


Wie kann ich Deutsch lernen?

Currently there are three ways for you to enjoy learning German here at GermanWithNicole:

Learn German Every Week

In "die gute Stube" German learners practice their German by responding to a weekly prompt and conversing with one another in relaxed, guided conversations. We talk about German food, films and music, plus a whole lot more.

This is the German practice you've been looking for.

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Read About All Things German

Here you'll find German grammar explanations, products from German companies, and more.

Are you new here? This is a great place to start. Wir lieben Deutsch!

Zum Blog, bitte!

Take Private German Lessons

Take private German lessons in a secure, online classroom; it can be you or you with a friend or family member.

We work at your pace using real German books and you have regular client meet-ups.

Read about lessons

Shop for German Products Here in the US

This is a collection of German, Swiss, and Austrian products and services I've curated especially for you. You'll find:

  • Sennheiser Audio
  • ProtonMail and ProtonVPN
  • Milwaukee Pretzel Company - 5% off!
  • Ravensburger Games
  • und mehr!

Check It Out

shop German Swiss Austrian products

Learn #GermanWithCats

Meet Connor, the Ops Manager. He's my supervisor and he likes to tell me when it's time to call it a day. Connor regularly visits client lessons and is happy to help you practice German:

Connor ist der Bürovorsteher und spricht etwas Deutsch. Ich rufe"Komm!" und er kommt. Er schaut gerne Vögel und Häschen zu und schläft sehr viel.

Auf diesem Bild liegt er auf meinem Ordner. Ich kann nichts mehr lesen und deswegen kann ich nicht mehr arbeiten. Ich muss Feierabend machen.

GermanWithCats - Nicole mach jetzt Feierabend