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Most people begin learning German and they love it! But soon they become overwhelmed, frustrated, and can't get their questions answered to their satisfaction. That's why I provide you with clear explanations, high quality materials, and customizable methods, so you can finally learn to communicate in German.

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German Advent Calendar: Audio + PDF

This year you get to learn German with an Adventskalender

Every day from December 1-25 you can learn a new German word or phrase with a winter/holiday theme.

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Here are the three most recent German learning blog posts:

German Advent Calendar Day 4


Adventskalender Tag 4: die Lichterkette

This is an odd plural form.

Das Licht, die Lichter
das Licht, the light.
die Lichter, the lights.

die Kette, the chain.

The lights chain is a string of lights. Which begs the question: do they get all tangled up in German-speaking countries like they do here?! Or does German Ordnung also apply to Christmas lights? (Ha!)

die Lichterkette

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German Advent Calendar Day 3


Adventskalender Tag 3: Plätzchen backen

Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.
Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.
Kekse are cookies and they're available all year round, but you can only have Plätzchen at Christmas time.
Kekse gibt es immer, Plätzchen gibt es nur zu Weihnachten.

Plätzchen backen - to bake Christmas cookies

Mmmm, Plätzchen backen. Super!
Mmmm, Plätzchen backen. Super!

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German Advent Calendar Day 2


Adventskalender Tag 2: Schlittschuhlaufen

das Schlittschuhlaufen - as a noun, talking about ice skating is das Schlittschuhlaufen and it's one word for Schlittschuhlaufen.

If you want to talk about the actual skating, when you want to use the verb, then it's Schlittschuh laufen, two words.

The skates themselves are der Schlittschuh, die Schlittschuhe

Yesterday you learned im Winter for "in the winter" or "in winter," thus we have: Im Winter kann man Schlittschuh laufen.
Im Win…

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