Hallo! Ich bin Nicole Warner.

Ich bin hier, damit Sie besser Deutsch sprechen können.  I'm here so that you can learn to speak German better.


I didn't grow up speaking German. In fact, my first foreign language word was in Spanish (thank you, Sesame Street!). I tried taking German in college, but I ended up with a total of four words of German after two semesters.

Then in 2002 I took 20 hours of private German lessons in Frankfurt am Main. These lessons were game-changers because my instructor taught me the foundations of German grammar as they relate to speaking the language, and I was hooked.

In 2003 I finished my Master's in Music and moved to Germany, where I learned German way too fast--became fluent in 6 months, sang professionally, and taught voice lessons. I taught some English on the side until a client asked if I would teach a corporate course, which was when I decided to get certified to teach English as a Foreign Language. I LOVED teaching English.

In 2008 I moved back to the US and just tried to survive the times. (It was rough, wasn't it?) Luckily, in 2010 I began teaching German in-person and I very quickly realized that my English teaching skills were transferable to German. I taught a ton of classes and in 2013 I decided to try combining teaching German with working online.

Es hat geklappt. It worked.

As I began working with more learners, I decided I should make my teaching official and in 2018 I completed my certification for Teaching German as a Foreign Language. It's called the Zertifikat DaF Unterrichten.

It was actually after that that I decided to take the C2 test, because why not, and I received excellent marks.

Now clients from Hawaii to Boston and from Idaho to Switzerland have learned German here with me, including one Canadian who passed her Swiss citizenship test!

Schön, dass Sie hier sind!  How nice to have you here!

Darf ich vorstellen...


Mitarbeiter des Monats

  • Schläft viel auf meinem Schreibtisch.
  • Kann Deutsch. Ignoriert mich trotzdem.
  • Frisst gern Hähnchen und Fisch. (Man könnte denken, er sei Hamburger.)

Employee of the Month

  • Sleeps on my desk a lot.
  • Understands German. Ignores me anyway.
  • Loves to eat chicken and fish. (You'd think he's from Hamburg.)



GermanWithNicole.com by the Numbers

And a few fun tidbits.

Frau Warner's CEFR Certification
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6003 hours
taught (as of 31.12.2023)
Number of countries Frau Warner has visited
1 cat
Connor, thinks he runs the place
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