Reading German Story Books or "Graded Readers" is an excellent way to enjoy German learning at your level in a relaxed manner. Reading a German Story Book can be a way of validating what you've learned, provide you with German learning without taxing you so much, or it can simply be for fun!

These also make fantastic birthday gift and Christmas gift items for people who want to support your German learning. Simply point them to this page and tell them which level you'd need.
All the books listed here are from reputable publishers like Cornelsen, Langenscheidt, Hueber, and Klett-Verlag.

How to choose your (next) book

  1. Use the menu to select your current or your previous CEFR level.
    • When in doubt, meet your current skills OR go one level easier. Reading these books should be enjoyable, not grueling.
    • Each section also includes the almost-to-the-next-level books, so the A1 section includes the A1-A2 books, which are great when you're moving from the A1 to the A2 level. If you're new to A2, an A1-A2 book could be a good choice for you.
  2. Then click on the link next to title which sounds interesting to you.
    • Some are Young Adult books and some are for adults, and I've differentiated them where possible, however availability may determine which book you can order.
    • Alibris is a platform for independent sellers. Amazon is Amazon.

Frau Warner's Two Recommendations

  1. Start off by buying only one or two books at your current level.
    • Done right, you can harvest a lot of learning from one book. You can also read it, then set it aside for a time and pick it up and come back to it like visiting a good friend.
    • If you want/need to save on shipping, then by all means order more books, however read one at a time.
  2. Buy the physical book.
    • Our brains like tactile things, and having a book in your hands is still the priority. You could also circle words, mark phrases, and write in translations if you want. Plus, these are small and light, and easy to take with you.
    • If you want to buy the digital book, do so as a second option, or in a time when you're traveling a lot.