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Are you interested in a daytime German class?

This daytime class will begin in March of 2023.

Please click here to tell me which day and time will work for you:

I'd like to take a daytime German class.

A1 German Class

A1 (Beginner's) German
Next Session Begins in March 2023.

For Beginners and Begin-Againers

This small-group class will use an A1 German book; we'll start from the almost-beginning and build your German step by step.

Wednesday evenings 6.00 - 7.30 pm Central Daylight Time, via Zoom

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Intermediate German Class (B1)

Next Session Begins in March 2023.

Für Deutschlernenden auf Niveau B1

Dieser Kurs ist für Sie, wenn Sie bereits etwas auf Niveau B1 gelernt haben und sich Wiederholung und neues Material wünschen.

Montags von 18 bis 10 Uhr CST, bei Zoom

Lesen Sie über diesen Kurs.

Previous German Classes

German swear words insults negative character descriptions cover

As you can read in this blog post, there are two reasons why I teach German swear words:

1. So you don't misuse naughty words and get into trouble (sometimes serious trouble).

2. So you know what's going on around you.

In this course we'll cover:

  • the one and only acceptable German curse word and how to pronounce it correctly.
  • a handful of insults and gestures which could land you in court.
  • how to describe that negative Nelly who really gets your goat--in German!

Here for the Right Riesling Class

Join German learners and Sommelier Adam Knoerzer from Burghundy, LLC.

You'll be provided with a link to order the wine we'll be tasting, German wine vocabulary, and a whole heap of knowledge about Riesling!

What students said about this class:

"The thing I loved most was getting to know more about a part of the country (Germany) I so love and the language I am trying so hard to learn as an adult. It was fun, inspirational and motivating."

"I really enjoyed the Riesling event. Our host was charismatic, capturing his audience with his extensive knowledge of wine in Germany. It was a casual discussion, with attendees comfortable with sharing stories and asking questions. And the Riesling wasn’t half bad either. Thanks again to Nicole for putting on an amazing event! Can’t wait for the next one."


This student, who doesn't like the taste of alcohol and drank sparkling apple juice in class, enjoyed it, too:

"I enjoyed the whole class, but I really learned something in the "tasting" part. Even though I was using my alcohol free apple juice - using the tasting instructions - I was able to appreciate more the flavors in the apple juice (if that makes any sense!)"

"The participants of the class were diverse group, from many locales, of different ages and life experience. This made it wonderful to hear the shared experiences in the class and hear their diverse thoughts. We learned a lot about Riesling and it was just plain fun!"