Continuing and New German Classes

How these German sessions work:

  • All classes run in 6-week sessions and there are 6 sessions per year.
    • That's 36 weeks of classes in a year.
  • All class meetings are 90 minutes long and each class has its own private, group forum.
    • You have access to all materials in the private, group forum.
    • All clients have access to additional video and audio courses and they are all included in your tuition. This includes:
      • the German Vocabulary Masterclass
      • Lernen lernen - Learning how to learn and homework/study skills
      • an audio and text program called Stube Radio.
  • All classes are taught personally by Frau Warner.

Please click below to read the specifics of the class(es) you're interested in. Should you have questions as to which class would suit you best, please use the short form at the bottom of this page to contact Frau Warner directly.

A1 Level Classes

A1 German for absolute beginners - Daytime!

Wednesdays from 10 - 11 .30 am Central

Caveat: 11 - 12.30 pm during Daylight Savings Time

This class is at the beginning of the book.

If you speak no German at all, this class is for you.

Read the Class Information Page

A1 German - Daytime!
Thursdays from 11 - 12.30 Central

This class is going into chapter 3, so not quite from the very beginning, but almost.

If you're fairly new to German, this is the class for you.

Read the Class Information Page

A1.2 German - Evening!
Wednesdays from 6 - 7.30 pm Central

This class has advanced to the Perfekt, the past tense of German.

If you have had some experience with German, and want review of the Perfekt, this is the class for you.

Read the Class Information Page

B1/B1+ Level Class

B1+ Deutsch - Abends!
Montags von 18 bis 19.30 Uhr

Für Deutschlernenden auf Niveau B1/B1+

Dieser Kurs ist für Sie, wenn Sie bereits etwas auf Niveau B1 gelernt haben und sich Wiederholung und neues Material wünschen.

Lesen Sie über diesen Kurs.

Not sure which class to take? Need something different than what's here?

Then please use this form to email Frau Warner directly and please tell me what your questions are and/or what you need. You may also use this form to request a free, no-strings-attached consultation on which class to take.

Sometimes I can create a class depending on who's interested in a class, so ask away!

Vielen Dank! Normally I respond to requests within 24-48 hours, except on Sundays.