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Online Intermediate German Class (B1)

September 16th - December 9th, 2022

9 live Zoom sessions + 2 online lessons + conversation classes

Plus: take online courses through January 14, 2023

Are you looking for a B1-level German class which

  • meets regularly, but not every week?
  • helps you understand and actually use German grammar?
  • has additional conversation classes and online courses?

Then this is the class for you.

Das hier ist Deutsch B1 mit Frau Warner.

Hören Sie und lernen Sie viel über diesen Kurs direkt von Frau Warner:

Fassen wir das zusammen

Alles ist hier inklusiv:

9, two-hour live Zoom sessions

Download and keep the whiteboards

2 online lessons specific to this class (work at your own pace)

Attend additional, monthly Conversation Classes

A forum and ZOOM meeting dedicated to this class

4+ months of access to additional online courses and activities

Enjoy a night off every month.

Having a class every single week can be tough. That's why we take a night off each month.

Freizeit muss auch sein.

echte deutsche BücherBook and Pencil.png

We use German language learning books from Germany.

The books we use have been written to help you learn to speak German and they are readily available in the US. It's a set of books with the title studio d B1 and you can order them via the links in the FAQs.

mit Lösungen

They all have answer keys. Because you should and need to check your answers.

Plus you'll receive materials made by Frau Warner. You might even use real-life materials from German-speaking countries, too.

mit Grammatik und Themen wie:

  • Passiv mit werden/lassen/man
    • Das Auto ist bereits repariert worden.
  • Konflikte besprechen und lösen
    • Da bin ich anderer Meinung.
  • Landeskunde über Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz
  • Relativsätze in allen vier Fällen
    • Das ist die Nachbarin, die neulich eingezogen ist.
  • Nachrichten lesen und verstehen (Konjunktiv I)

Download and keep the whiteboards.

We use the whiteboard extensively in class.

It's yours to download and save at the end of every class.

At the right is a sample whiteboard from an actual class on the topic "obwohl + Nebensatz."

German With Nicole Deutsch 305 1.21.22 2

No grades. No tests. No finals. I promise.

So einfach ist es.

Who else is going to take this B1-level class?

This class is for adults 18 and up who have completed the A2 level and/or have taken some of the B1 level and love German.

Some learn German as a hobby, while others travel in, live in, or want to work in a German-speaking country.

Since this is a B1-level class, you can bet that everyone is interested in the same thing: speaking German.

What about the additional Conversation Classes?

You also get to attend monthly Conversation Classes with other German learners in other classes and in private lessons. There are two kinds of conversation classes: Konversationskurse and Kaffeeklatsch.

Konversationskurse are one-hour classes on specific topics like reflexive verbs or using the Passiv.

Kaffeeklatsch is one hour relaxed conversation for everyone. It's always on Saturdays at 11 am Central and is guided by Frau Warner. It is by far the most popular conversation class.


So who are you, Frau Warner?

Hallo, ich heiße Warner, Nicole Warner!NicoleWarnerHeadshot_eyes5x5.jpg

I first learned German when I was in my early 20’s. I had tried taking German in college and it was a DISASTER. I was constantly worried about the grade, the book we used was ridiculously confusing, and my teacher just couldn’t explain the concepts clearly.

Then in 2003 I moved to Germany and took a different kind of German course, one without a final grade, with books for learning German (not textbooks). I learned to speak German so well that when I speak German with native speakers, they think that I'm German. I'm not, although I do love a good bike commute. I now speak German at a near-native level and I've received the Zertifikat C2, the highest level of German speaking certification available. I’ve been teaching German in-person and online since 2010. I’m also certified to teach German as a Foreign Language and I teach it the way I was taught to speak it.

Hier sind die Termine für diesen Kurs.

Wir treffen uns immer Freitags von 18 bis 20 Uhr (Central Time).


As a student in this class you will receive calendar events for the 9 live sessions that you can download and import into your calendar.


Welche Fragen haben Sie?

Here are more specifics about this class, including the supplies you'll need, and more. Please read it thoroughly.

Lesen Sie bitte die Informationen sorgfältig durch.

If you have completed all of the A2 level, and/or you have completed some of the B1 level in German, this class is for you.

If you are unsure, please contact Frau Warner for a free, no-strings-attached assessment.

We will use the studio d B1 books. They are older, however of high quality.

They are all available at Ibiservice.com or at your favorite bookstore.

You'll need the books, of course (see above), a pencil/pen, a notebook, and a 3-ring binder.

If you have a printer, great, if not, you can use the PDFs as digital documents or you can write the page(s) out by hand.

Your class will have two online lessons specific to this session. These two digital lessons are for you to work through at your pace.

In addition, once your tuition is paid, you will have immediate access to the online courses and activities Frau Warner has made and will make through January 14th, zum Beispiel:

  • German Vocabulary Masterclass, a 4-week class on mastering your personal vocabulary learning techniques
  • Stube Radio B1: Listening Exercises made specifically for B1-level learners
  • Landeskunde: Applied geography lessons on a variety of topics from the German-speaking countries.

You do NOT need a Zoom account. Everything for this class runs via the GermanWithNicole.com Zoom account.

On a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) you can simply enter the full URL link for this class into your browser and that way you don't have to download Zoom.

If you are on an iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone or Android tablet, you do need to download the Zoom app. I do NOT recommend using Zoom on Chrome, as it historically it has functioned poorly.

Yes! We work on authentic pronunciation regularly so you can grow confidently in your speaking.

There are no refunds should you quit the class. If you should quit the class, I reserve the right to bring another student into the class.

Höchstens 12 Teilnehmer. (Class size is capped at 12.)

If it's uncomfortable for you to talk about yourself, you are welcome to make up answers. The goal is to speak in German, so say what you can say. Das ist gut genug.

Das wäre schade. You'll still be able to download the whiteboards and use the group forum to ask questions. If you ask nicely, another student will likely meet with you to bring you up to speed. :) In regards to recordings, please see that question below.

Because that was the only evening I had open to teach a class. In the summer this class usually moves to Monday evenings, but for Fall/Winter/Spring it's on Fridays.

Some of my (Frau Warner's) speaking will be recorded and made available, but not the class itself. I will make it abundantly clear when I begin and end recording. If you ask a question your voice will be recorded, or if you'd prefer you can type your question into the chat. You will not be recorded.

If you are of legal drinking age in the jurisdiction where you are when class is in session, then it's OK by me. We'll stick to the German maxim Alles in Maßen. - everything in moderation.

Your all-inclusive tuition: $358

Books not included. See the FAQs above for book information.

9, 2-hour live Zoom sessions on Fridays 6-8 pm Central time

2 online lessons specific to this class

Download and keep the whiteboards

Dedicated forum and ZOOM Meeting

Additional, monthly Conversation Classes

Immediate access to online courses and activities through January 14, 2023

Lernen Sie viel Deutsch mit Frau Warner

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