A2 German Class Online - starts September 2024

Guten Abend!

This Wednesday evening class from 6-7.30 pm CT is an A1.2 German class for Germanophiles, Swissophiles, Austrophiles, book lovers, (over)thinkers, word collectors, geeks, knowledge seekers, and (recovering) perfectionists.

This is an ongoing class which meets in 6-week sessions, six times per year. We generally have a week off between sessions.

This class is right for you if:

  • you have completed the A1 level (recently or not-so-recently) and want to add to your skills.
  • you would like to repeat the A2 level, starting from the top.
  • you've talked with Frau Warner and you've determined together that this is the best fit for you currently.


N.B. Registration for this class will open in August/September 2024.
If you would like to reserve a seat in this class, please contact Frau Warner here.

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What to Expect:

Live Zoom classes with Frau Warner

We'll meet on Wednesday evenings from 6-7.30 Central Time. It's on Zoom, but not like that. We'll interact and converse, and we'll use the whiteboard.

Download and keep the whiteboards

The whiteboards will also be stored in the private class forum so you can refer back to them at any time.

Access to online courses and activities

Your tuition includes all of the online courses and activities Frau Warner has created for other clients.

Your A2 German Class Schedule

This class meets in 6-week sessions on Wednesday evenings from 6-7.30 pm Central time. (That's 4 pm Pacific/5 pm Mountain/6 pm Central/7 pm Eastern.)


The September-October term is slated to begin on Wednesday, September 18th, 2024. This page will be updated when the dates are finalized.


When you register you will automatically receive electronic calendar events via email.

Future session dates are made available as we progress from term to term.

Who else is going to take this class?

This class is for adults 18 and up who love German.

Your fellow German learners are Germanophiles, Austrophiles, and Swissophiles, perfectionists, geeks, bookworms, and thinkers from different careers and walks of life. Some learn German as a hobby, while others travel in, live in, or want to work in a German-speaking country. Everyone is interested in the same thing: speaking German.

We work through one to two chapters per 6-week term, so it's enough to be a good challenge without overwhelming you. We speak as much German as possible in-class, and we do bring in some dialects.


“It's worth saying directly: this is a really wonderful class and I am very happy to be a part of it. Vielen Dank!”



“You really put so much work into making this an amazing learning environment.”



“Frau Warner is patient but thorough, which is necessary for adults learning a foreign language.”


Which materials will we use?

We will use a combination of these

Really German Books

We use German language learning books from Germany.

The books we will use are studio [21] A2, which are readily available in the US or in Europe. You can order them via the link below, which is also in the FAQs.

Materials made by Frau Warner

We will also use worksheets and reference materials that I have personally crafted for German learners to help you learn to speak German.

Sometimes we use real-life materials from German-language websites, brochures, and advertisements, too.

What we won't use...

No grades.

No tests.

No finals.

I promise.

These Really German Books:

You will need these three books, all of which are readily available at Ibiservice.com or your preferred bookseller:

  1. studio [21] A2 das Deutschbuch ISBN 9783065205740 (Ibiservice Link)
  2. studio [21] A2 Intensivtraining mit Hörtexten ISBN 9783065205757 (Ibiservice Link)
  3. studio [21] A2 Glossary Deutsch - Englisch ISBN 9783065208451 (Ibiservice Link)

So who are you, Frau Warner?

Hallo, ich heiße Warner, Nicole Warner!NicoleWarnerHeadshot_eyes5x5.jpg

I first learned German when I was in my early 20’s. I had tried taking German in college and it was a DISASTER. I was constantly worried about the grade, the book we used was ridiculously confusing, and my teacher just couldn’t explain the concepts clearly.

Then in 2003 I moved to Germany and took a different kind of German course, one without a final grade, with books for learning German (not textbooks). I learned to speak German so well that when I speak German with native speakers, they think that I'm German. I'm not, although I do love a good bike commute. I now speak German at a near-native level and I've received the Zertifikat C2, the highest level of German speaking certification available. I’ve been teaching German in-person and online since 2010. I’m also certified to teach German as a Foreign Language and I teach it the way I was taught to speak it.


What questions do you have?

Here are more specifics about to this class, including how to order the book, the additional supplies you'll need, and more.

Please read it thoroughly.

We will use an A2 book specifically written for people new to German, and we will use plenty of materials Frau Warner has made, too.

You will need these three books, all of which are readily available at Ibiservice.com or your preferred bookseller:

  1. studio [21] A2 das Deutschbuch ISBN 9783065205740 (Ibiservice Link)
  2. studio [21] A2 Intensivtraining mit Hörtexten ISBN 9783065205757 (Ibiservice Link)
  3. studio [21] A2 Glossary Deutsch - Englisch ISBN 9783065208451 (Ibiservice Link)

You'll need the book, of course (see above), a pencil/pen, a notebook, and a 3-ring binder.

If you have a printer, great, if not, you can use the PDFs as digital documents or you can write the page(s) out by hand.

Once your tuition is paid, you will have immediate access to the online courses and activities Frau Warner has made, zum Beispiel (for example):

  • German Vocabulary Masterclass
  • Lernen lernen - Learning how to learn and homework skills
  • Stube Radio - Listening exercises for German learners. Genuine news articles, but only pleasant topics.

You do NOT need a Zoom account. Everything for this class runs via the GermanWithNicole.com Zoom account.

On a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) you can simply enter the full URL link for this class into your browser and that way you don't have to download Zoom.

If you are on an iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone or Android tablet, you do need to download the Zoom app. I do NOT recommend using Zoom on Chrome, as it historically it has functioned poorly.

Yes! We work on authentic pronunciation regularly so you can grow confidently in your speaking.

There are no refunds should you quit the class. If you should quit the class, I reserve the right to bring another student into the class.

Höchstens 12 Teilnehmer. (Class size is capped at 12.)

If there is more interest in this class than that, I reserve the right to add additional students or to open another section on a different day. Most classes have between 4 and 8 learners in them.

If it's uncomfortable for you to talk about yourself, you are welcome to make up answers. The goal is to speak in German, so say what you can say. Das ist gut genug. (That is good enough.)

Das wäre schade. (That would be a bummer.) You'll still be able to download the whiteboards and use the group forum to ask questions. If you ask nicely, another student will likely meet with you to bring you up to speed. :) In regards to recordings, please see that question below.

Some of my (Frau Warner's) speaking might be recorded and made available, but not the class itself. If I record anything, I will make it abundantly clear when I begin and end recording. If you ask a question your voice will be recorded, or if you'd prefer you can type your question into the chat. You will not be recorded.

If you are of legal drinking age in the jurisdiction where you are when class is in session, then it's OK by me. We'll stick to the German maxim Alles in Maßen. - everything in moderation.

Registration opens in August/September, 2024!

Regular class tuition is $315; late registration costs $345.

If you'd like to receive an email with the class registration information in it, please sign up for the E-Post here.

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