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Zehn lustige Dinge, die meine Kunden gesagt haben


Hier sind zehn lustige Dinge, die meine Kunden gesagt haben.

Here are 10 funny things my clients have said.

  1. der Wasserhahn
  2. sein = to be. sein = his
  3. ADUSO
  4. sich verlieben in + Akk
  5. Drogen oder Medikamente?!
  6. Kichererbsen
  7. der Schmetterling
  8. etwas gebacken kriegen
  9. der Öko-Spießer (use with caution!)
  10. not Schwiegereltern, but...

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10 Jahre GermanWithNicole.com!


This business started out 10 years ago this month, in May of 2013. By mid-2015 this was a real part-time job, and now every week I teach two classes, over a dozen private lessons, and since I began teaching German back in 2010, I've taught a total of more than 5,550 hours of German.

Wir feiern heute! Wir feiern heute! We will celebrate today! Wir feiern heute!

In the episode/blog post you'll hear and see 10 of my favorite moments of the past 10 years – meine Lieblingsmomente der letzten 10 Jah…

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B1 Review and B1 Test Prep


I am Frau Warner and I am a B1 test proctor, which means I am qualified to give this exam with the Goethe-Institut.

The B1 class I teach, which meets on Monday evenings, just had their first of two practice tests, and they all did so very well! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie! I'm very proud of them! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie!

The next session runs April 24 – May 30th, and the session will include B1 topics the clients in this class have chosen. I have a couple of ide…

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Sagt man «Viel Glück» oder «Viel Erfolg»?


Wishing someone "good luck" in German often goes one of two ways--either "Viel Glück!" or "Viel Erfolg!" Which one you use depends on what you want to say. It's part of the entire cultural aspect of luck, and Germans have specific ways in which they try to find luck.

Today you'll learn how to give these wishes in German and what marzipan has to do with all of it.

How to find good luck in Germany

If you need some luck and you see a Schornsteinfeger (a chimney sweep), then do what I did the o…

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What is a Stammtisch?


der Stammtisch

der Stammtisch – an inadequate translation is “group of regulars.”

der Stammtisch

Today you'll learn:

  • what a Stammtisch is in Germany and how it differs in the US,
  • what you need to know before you go,
  • how often to expect to attend a Stammtisch,
  • where they take place,
  • and something called Einmal ist keinmal.

Sind Sie bereit? Los geht's!

What is a Stammtisch?

A Stammtisch is different in Germany it is in the US, so let's start with the original Stammtisch:

  • a regu…

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German Advent Calendar Day 25


Adventskalender Tag 25: der erste Weihnachtstag

der erste Weihnachtstag
der erste Weihnachtstag
First Christmas Day
der erste Weihnachtstag

It's officially Christmas, pretty much everything in the German-speaking countries is closed and it's only the first day of Christmas. Thus begin the 12 Days of Christmas, when many German companies close so everyone can go home, see their friends and their families, and rest.

Ihnen wünsche ich Frohe Feiertage und alles Gute…

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German Advent Calendar Day 24


Adventskalender Tag 24: der Heiligabend

der Heiligabend
der Heiligabend
Christmas Eve
der Heiligabend

This is the night from December 24th to the 25th.
This is not Christmas, this is Christmas Eve.

Generally in Germany all stores will close by 2 pm on Christmas Eve. If you need something, you'll have to try a gas station and see if they have what you need. There will not be anything open mainly from Christmas Eve through the 26th.

This is the night for the son…

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German Advent Calendar Day 23


Adventskalender Tag 23: die Besinnlichkeit

die Besinnlichkeit
die Besinnlichkeit
contemplativeness or reflectiveness
die Besinnlichtkeit

Setzen Sie sich hin. Schauen Sie eine Kerze oder Ihren Weihnachtsbaum an.
Spüren Sie, wie der Atmen durch die Nase in die Lungen fließt und Ihre Muskeln sich dabei entspannen.
Es ist bald Weihnachten. Weihnachten ist ein Fest der Sinne.
Sehen Sie.
Riechen Sie.
Schmecken Sie.
Spüren Sie.
Genießen Sie die Besinnlichkeit.

Take a seat. Lo…

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German Advent Calendar Day 22


Adventskalender Tag 22: der Schnee

der Schnee
der Schnee
the snow
der Schnee

eine Bauernregel (a weather proverb):
Hat der Dezember Eis und Schnee, sitzt kein Mensch im Strandcafé.
Hat der Dezember Eis und Schnee, sitzt kein Mensch im Strandcafé.
If there is ice and snow in December, no one will sit in the café at the beach.
Hat der Dezember Eis und Schnee, sitzt kein Mensch im Strandcafé.

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German Advent Calendar Day 21


Adventskalender Tag 21: einen Weihnachtsfilm ansehen

According to Duden, this can be reflexive or not reflexive
(sich) einen Film ansehen

The so-called "Sissi-Filme" are very popular at Christmas time in Germany (I don't know about the other German-speaking countries), and they are the three films about Kaiserin Elisabeth, whom you may know from history, or the recently released series "The Empress." Yes, that's her, played by Romy Schneider, and there are three "Sis…

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