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What is the German National Anthem?


The German National Anthem is known as the Nationalhymne or Das Lied der Deutschen, "The Song of the Germans."

In today's episode of the podcast for German learners you'll hear:

  • the current national anthem
  • a bit of its history
  • the German National Anthem sung in German (by yours truly!)

It's really important to note the specifics of this Anthem because there is a strong connection to German history, one that is to be remembered and respected.

Besides, wouldn't you like to impress your G…

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Separable Verbs in German: an Exercise

German Separable Verbs Relaxing Exercise

Here is a short exercise for you to practice two separable verbs in German: einatmen and ausatmen.

You may have noticed these two verbs in a blog post earlier this month, and to help you learn them even better, you'll use them in this exercise.

This may be the most relaxing German separable verbs exercise you'll find on the interwebs.

Here are the instructions in German. Scroll down to the flower to read the instructions in English.

Hier ist ein kurzes Audio für Sie.

Zuerst hören Sie «Ich…

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5 Facts You Might Not Know about Georg Friedrich Händel

5 Facts You Might Not Know about Georg Friedrich Händel

'Tis the season for concerts of the Messiah, composed by German composer Georg Friedrich Händel. (Which means I'm off to sing this weekend so I'm publishing this blog post early for you.) According to the legend, he locked himself in a room and composed night and day; according to his notes, he did write the entire piece in 24 days. The original autograph (what Händel wrote) was 259 pages long (source).

Here are 5 facts you might not have known about Händel:

1. Händel was born in 1685 in Halle…

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Bach's B Minor Mass ... and Nicole's Other German Life

Bachs B Minor Mass and Nicoles Other German Life

If you didn't know yet, you should know that I am also a professional, classical singer and this week I'm off to sing some--surprise--German music! (OK, you're not surprised, I get it.) I'll be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to sing Bach's B Minor Mass on April 22 and 23.

When I lived in Germany I sang with the Gächinger Kantorei, now renamed as the Gaechinger Cantorey, with the Bachakademie Stuttgart. At the time Helmuth Rilling, its founder, was conducting most of the pieces, and now it is lead…

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Do you know the Elefantfahrstuhlführeraufzugsleiter?

Do you know the Elefantfahrstuhlführeraufzugsleiter

Do you know him yet? The Elefantfahrstuhlführeraufzugsleiter? If not, it's high time you did! And you can learn some German with a song so easy, so fun, and with characters you'll recognize? Not only does it have a catchy tune, but it'll probably put a swing in your step, too!

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to German Sesame Street: Sesamstraße.

This apparently was originally named the "I'm the Elephant Elevator Operator" so you get the gist of this video. Let's break down the name from Ge…

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Typisch Deutsch: Schlager!!

Typisch Deutsch Schlager

Schlager is a form of music unique to German--it's its own genre. Comprised mainly of catchy tunes (that lead to ear worms), straight-forward forms and uncomplicated texts, you can hear Schlager at Oktoberfest, pretty much any Karneval celebration anywhere in Germany, and of course on German television.

You can easily dance to it and it's a good bet that you can dance with your kids to it and not worry about the texts.

A lot of Schlager shows are shown on TV in the evenings and are recorded p…

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