What is the German National Anthem?

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The German National Anthem is known as the Nationalhymne or Das Lied der Deutschen, "The Song of the Germans."

In today's episode of the podcast for German learners you'll hear:

  • the current national anthem

  • a bit of its history

  • the German National Anthem sung in German (by yours truly!)

It's really important to note the specifics of this Anthem because there is a strong connection to German history, one that is to be remembered and respected.

Besides, wouldn't you like to impress your German friends by knowing all the correct words and graciously side-stepping any faux-pas regarding their Anthem?

You could even sing along from home during the next World Cup! Ahhhh, soccer. ♥ 

arbeiten versus funktioneren
Frau Warner speaks German with an Amish man!


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