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Wir feiern sieben Jahre GermanWithNicole!

7th Anniversary .gif

Juhu! Ausgezeichnet! Ich hab's geschafft!

Seven Years in Business!

In any business there are highs and lows. Sometimes they are close together, like heartbeats, and sometimes they are stretched out over a length of time.

There are no highlights without lowlights and I’ve included them both in this list. In seven years a lot happens in any business, so I’ve selected seven of them for you today.

The Highlights and the Lowlights of the First Seven Years of GermanWithNicole.com


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3 New Ways to Learn German at Home

3 New Ways Learn German at Home.png

You could be at home, you could be in a park, you could be on your own balcony.

Every place is a good place to learn a bit of German.

Here are three new ways you can learn a bit of German in any of those places.

1. eine Wortsuche

A word search is a good way to engage with German over a bit of time, but it's not so much energy that you can't get started or keep focused.

In fact, that's exactly what one client said about the newest word search activity:

 "The word search was so...

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einen Zungenbrecher üben Practice a Tongue Twister

Zungenbrecher üben practice tongue twister.png

der Zungenbrecher = tongue twister

Heute können Sie einen Zungenbrecher üben! Hier können Sie das PDF herunterladen:

PDF herunterladen

Dann schauen Sie das Video. Ich helfe Ihnen dabei, das /ts/ aussprechen zu können und den Zungenbrecher zu lernen. Viel Spaß dabei!


auf Englisch:

Today you can practice a tongue twister! You can download the PDF here:

download PDF

And then watch the video. In the video I'll help you correctly pronounce the /ts/ sound and to learn the tongue twister. Have...

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Heute Abend: heiße Liebe

Heute Abend Heiße Liebe.png

You won't hear this language in your regular German class.

Tonight ONLY, attend German: The Language of Love and learn how German has its own, wonderful ways of expressing love.

I'm putting in a few pet names you definitely won't hear in other German courses. This is the real stuff.

You will learn pet names that Germans use for their spouses, their partners, and even their kids.

You'll learn a couple of different ways to say "I love you" because there is more than one way in German.


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First "Sprechseminar" is "German: The Language of Love"

Sprechseminar German The Language of Love.png

Love is French, right?


Love is every language, every culture, every country.

Even German.

On February 12th you can attend my very first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) entitled "German: The Language of Love" and you can learn that German has its own, wonderful ways of expressing love.

I'm putting in a few pet names you definitely won't hear in other German courses. This is the real stuff.

You will learn pet names that Germans use for their spouses, their partners, and even their kids.


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Die Glückspilze sind...

Herzlichen Dank an alle, die teilgenommen haben!

This was a really fun way to celebrate my first 5 years of business and to spread the German product love. I hope you discovered some new products you might not have known otherwise and if you're a winner, your item will be on its way to you soon (with the exception of the Lebkuchen, which will ship around Thanksgiving).

Die Gewinner sind:

Tag 1, Stabilo Stifte: Katarina G., Texas, USA

Tag 2, Klipp und Klar: Michele R., New York, USA

Tag 3, 3...

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Friday Funday!

Hallo zusammen!

I hope you enjoyed last weekend's intense one-goal-only-goal-setting. If you haven't set your ONE goal for 2018 yet, please click on "Blog" above and read Parts 1-3 of 3 in "How to Royally Screw up your German Learning in 2018."

Dieses Wochenende bin ich auf einer Hochzeit. Ich muss noch arbeiten und meine Sachen packen, also gibt es jede Menge zu tun. Deswegen gibt es diese Woche nur drei Witze! Dann ist diese Post kurz und knapp und Sie haben noch was davon.

Witz Nr. 1:


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This Video Proves that Germans Have Humor

This Video Proves that Germans Have Humor.png

Q: How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: One. We are efficient and don't have humor.


That's simply not true! Have you been to a German wedding where a guest prepares a game for the bride & groom to play? Usually it's something along the lines of "How well do they really know one another?" Or a guest prepares a kind of comedy show with funny skits for the other guests to enjoy. Germans do have humor, it's simply different than what we expect.

If you still don't...

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5 German Board Games for Any Day of the Year

5 German Board Games for Any Day of the Year.png

Besides books and reading, it's safe to say the board games are an important German cultural element. Games are so important to Germans that there is a Verein (club) that reviews games every year known as the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year).

German board games are awesome and some of them are now cult games of epic proportions. You might have seen Catan spread out on the coffee table in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. (Das war echt toll zu sehen.)

Here are a few games you could get to...

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Famous People Speaking German: Sandra Bullock

Famous People Speaking German Sandra Bullock.png

After the Grammy Awards last night one of my German students Facebooked me and proclaimed, "Sandra Bullock speaks German!" Apparently Sandra Bullock's mother was a German opera singer and Bullock grew up in Nürnberg and studied ballet and vocal arts and even sang in her mother's opera productions.

What makes perfect sense and is astounding at the same time is Bullock's German accent--perfectly representative of the area she grew up in.

Here's a video of Bullock accepting a Bambi award,...

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