How to Live Like a German

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and make German a part of your everyday life.

Sometimes it amazes me how quickly people can pick up German words and sentence structure, even though they've never been to Germany and haven't learned German before.

Clients come to a lesson and they have no idea what German bread tastes like, but they can talk about German breakfast: das Brot, die Marmelade, der Kaffee.

It can be a source of frustration, however, to learn German, but only to have all these North American elements around us:  speed limits, white bread (igit!), and 2 weeks of vacation a year. (Germans have a minimum of 4, on average 5, and many have 6 weeks).

German culture sometimes feels so far away.

It doesn't have to be, though. And learning German doesn't have to be about sitting down to conjugate verbs all the time.

What if you were to simply try out a German recipe?

What would you learn about Germanic culture from that?

What if you took what you know about doing yoga and tried a couple of poses with German instructions? Here are 10 poses to try.

How would you incorporate German into your everyday life?

Would you look up names of tools you use to fix your car?

Research the German names of the plants in your garden? Find out what your hairstyle is in German?

Here is a mindmap to get you started.

Remember, this is only a starting place, ways to think about incorporating German into your life and ways to expand upon the German you already speak.

The best thing about this is:  there is no limit and no "right way" for bringing more of German culture into your daily life. The sky's the limit! Alles ist möglich!

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