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How to Pronounce the Ach-Laut in German

How to Pronounce the Ach-Laut in German

 The long-awaited Ach-Laut video is here! Hurra!

The "Ach-Laut" means the "ach sound" and it is the airy, throaty sound you hear in the words "ach" and "machen." Phonetically, this sound is written as /X/ and to that we say "ach." In this video I've broken down for you:

1. What the sound /X/ is and what it isn't.

2. How to feel where it takes place and

3. How to practice the sound, first slowly and then speeding it up step-by-step.

The words we concentrate on in this video are Ach, Bach, Sachen, and the verb machen.

This video won't track you by being the page, but if you play the video your info will be tracked by YouTube.

Here's some translation fun before we go today: if you put "Ach-Laut" in the search bar at Google, it gives you this:

ach laut oh loud

Silly Google. :)

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