How to Pronounce the Ach-Laut in German

How to Pronounce the Ach-Laut in German Cover NEW

The long-awaited Ach-Laut video is here! Hurra!

The "Ach-Laut" means the "ach sound" and it is the airy, throaty sound you hear in the words "ach" and "machen."

Phonetically, this sound is written as /X/ and to that we say "ach." In this video I've broken down for you:

1. What the sound /X/ is and what it isn't.

2. How to feel where it takes place and

3. How to practice the sound, first slowly and then speeding it up step-by-step.

The words we concentrate on in this video are Ach, Bach, Sachen, and the verb machen.

Here's some translation fun before we go today: if you put "Ach-Laut" in the search bar at Google, it gives you this:

ach laut oh loud

Silly Google. :)

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