3 New Ways to Learn German at Home

3 New Ways Learn German at Home Cover NEW

You could be at home, you could be in a park, you could be on your own balcony.

Every place is a good place to learn a bit of German.

Here are three new ways you can learn a bit of German in any of those places.

1. eine Wortsuche

A word search is a good way to engage with German over a bit of time, but it's not so much energy that you can't get started or keep focused.

In fact, that's exactly what one client said about the newest word search activity:

 "The word search was so entertaining and educational. Finding the words made the time fly by. Perfect pastime..."

The theme of that particular word search is »die schönsten Sachen im Leben« and it has 38 words in it.

2. trennbare Verben

If you're familiar with separable verbs now, you'll really know them well after the latest, very detailed activity on them in the Client Corner.

After you've read this blog post on trennbare Verben you can do a deep dive into separable verbs in the present tense and the perfect tense.

It's incredible how much you can do with one set of 10 cards and how many ways you can use them.

3. Korrigiere Nicoles Sätze 

Go ahead, correct the instructor.

I look forward to it!

This activity gives members a review of the Nominativ and the Akkusativ and then a handful of sentences to correct. Because I might have written them correctly, or I might have made a few mistakes.

Did you ever think you'd get a chance to correct your instructor's faulty sentences? And that she would welcome it?

Now's your chance! Check out the classes and lessons available here at GermanWithNicole.com.


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John Thomas-Harding

Ich glaube das die Wortsuche sind für mich beste. 

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Nicole Warner

Sie machen viel Spaß.

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