Affordable Swiss Watches for Women and Men


Die Uhr means "the watch."

Die Schweiz means Switzerland.


I think not.

In seriousness, though, I grew up with the preconception that all Swiss watches were extraordinarily expensive. Sehr teuer.

Then I discovered this Swiss watch company and discovered that you CAN buy a high quality, Swiss watch for under $500.


Jowissa is a Swiss watchmaking company

Jowissa is also an independent, family-owned business in its third generation. I grew up in a family-owned business, and I support such businesses wherever possible, from my mechanic to my shoes, so I am really happy to have created this business relationship with them.


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Der Uhrenhersteller ~ The Watch Maker

Jowissa was founded in 1951 by Josef Wyss. He used a combination of his first and last names to create the company name and Jowissa is now in its third generation as an independent, family business.

Jowissa is located in Bettlach, Switzerland, in the Kanton of Solothurn. Bettlach is in northwest Switzerland and is south of the Dreiländereck, where France, Germany, and Switzerland meet.


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Die Uhren ~ The Watches

The watches are made in Switzerland. The "Swiss Made" mark on the watch is what makes it officially Swiss. That mark indicates a set of standards that an item must meet in order for it to be labeled as "Swiss Made".

An Important Note:

"Air quotes" don't translate. The quotation marks used are odd for us North American English speakers - we expect that to mean how we do "air quotes" to indicate sarcasm or irony. However for "Swiss Made" it actually means that the item was Made in Switzerland. "Swiss Made" is a marker, determined by the Swiss Federal Act on the Protection of Trade Marks and Indications of Source. For a product such as a Jowissa watch, the mark "Swiss Made" means that at least 60% of it was made in Switzerland.

Jowissa watches are obviously fashionable and gorgeous an offer that kind of refined presence that says "I'm here and I'm stylish" without hitting other people over the head with it.

You easily search on the site for size, color, functions, or by style.

And recently they started offering matching jewelry, which I've never seen anybody else make, so your necklace can match your watch, which is really cool.

Leave it to the Swiss to think of coordinating your jewelry with your watch! It looks so classy.

To get you started on your Jowissa shopping adventure, check out these watches.

(And don't worry about the shipping, as Jowissa offers free green shipping AND they plant a tree for every 20 USD spent in your order. Sustainability is die Nachhaltigkeit.)

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If you're considering purchasing one of these watches, then you're probably already thinking ahead for Christmas or for someone's birthday.

And well, if you're reading this post (or listening to the podcast episode), you probably like to plan ahead anyway.


 Save $25 on orders $250+ with code GET25OFF

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Dieser Rabatt ist fantastisch. Ich liebe die Jowissa Uhren. Mit diesem Rabatt kann ich mich eine Uhr leisten. Vielen Dank Nicole!

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Bitte sehr!

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