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3 Ways to Say You're in Love in German ♥

3 Ways to Say You're in Love in German.png

"Alte Liebe rostet nicht" say the Germans. Old love doesn't rust.

Neither does new love!

So how do you say you're in love in German? Germans don't fall in love. (Because who wants to fall, anyway?! Ouch.)

Here are a few standard ways of saying you're in love with someone as well as a couple of slang ways of saying it.

If you're not quite ready for die Liebe, no worries--check out #3 below for some "like" language. ;-)

1. Use a reflexive verb (standard German):

  • Ich habe mich verliebt.
    • I've...

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First "Sprechseminar" is "German: The Language of Love"

Sprechseminar German The Language of Love.png

Love is French, right?


Love is every language, every culture, every country.

Even German.

On February 12th you can attend my very first Sprechseminar (speaking seminar) entitled "German: The Language of Love" and you can learn that German has its own, wonderful ways of expressing love.

I'm putting in a few pet names you definitely won't hear in other German courses. This is the real stuff.

You will learn pet names that Germans use for their spouses, their partners, and even their kids.


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Rescheduled: "Aufregung an der Nordsee"

Easy German Book Club Aufregung an der Nordsee.png

Escape winter with us and "Aufregung an der Nordsee" in February!

This Buchgemeinschaft (Book Club) meeting was rescheduled because so many participants had caught the crud. Hopefully everyone will be healthier in February and everyone can enjoy the story more.

"Aufregung an der Nordsee" is an easy, 30-page read for A1 German students. It's a fun, family-friendly story with a bit of suspense.

Lesen Sie mit? Here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

"Nach dem Abitur verbringt Paula...

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Lesen Sie "Aufregung an der Nordsee"?

Easy German Book Club Aufregung an der Nordsee.png

Update: This Buchgemeinschaft has been rescheduled for February 9 & 23, 2019

Escape winter with us and read "Aufregung an der Nordsee"!

"Aufregung an der Nordsee" is an easy, 30-page read for A1 German speakers. It's a fun, family-friendly story with a bit of suspense.

Lesen Sie mit? Here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

"Nach dem Abitur verbringt Paula zusammen mit ihrer Tante eine Woche auf der Nordseeinsel Norderney. Aber gibt es auf Norderney überhaupt andere...

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Urlaub, Weihnachten und Silvester 2018

WreathGuten Morgen zusammen!

This post is going up just in time for me to shut down the computer and finish up all the preparations for Christmas. Ich mache ab heute Urlaub!

Clients: please remember there are no lessons zwischen den Jahren (between Christmas and New Year's). Lessons will resume on January 2, 2019 with the new Kundenprogramm.

If you're not a client and you want to know about the new Kundenprogramm, stay tuned here on the blog!

2019 wird ein tolles Jahr sein und ich freue mich sehr,...

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How to Royally Screw Up Your German Learning in 2018 - Final Check-In!

How Royally Screw Up German Learning Final Check-In.png

This year a bunch of you set a new goal for 2018 in terms of German learning. This is your final check-in. Juhu!

So go find that dusty goal sheet that you printed out and that got lost under another pile of papers...and let's get some perspective.

If you put in some time with German this year, I'd like you to stop and give yourself a pat on the back.

Yes, really. Just reach up your hand and pat yourself on the shoulder. Yep, just like that.

Whatever you did with German this year, I'm glad you...

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In Dankbarkeit

In Dankbarkeit With Gratitude.png

This post is called "In Dankbarkeit" (with gratitude or in thankfulness) because I am so very grateful for your presence here. You, yes, you, reading this post right now: Danke, dass Sie hier sind!

Dieses Jahr ist echt der Hammer! This year is truly awesome! So many wonderful things have happened. But that doesn't mean you know everything that has happened, because there hasn't been a lot of time dedicated to blogging these past few weeks or in those weeks when it was so active every day it...

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Samstag: Book Club resumes!

Easy German Book Club Abenteuer im Schnee.png

Samstag ist wieder Buchgemeinschaft! Hurra!


This Saturday the Beginner's Level Book Club resumes with Abenteuer im Schnee, an easy, 30-page read for beginners and those of you refreshing your basic German skills. It's a fun, family-friendly story with a little bit of suspense.

Lesen Sie mit? Here's a short excerpt so you can tell if this book is the right level for you:

In Bayern, in Ruhpolding, lernen Robert und seine Schwester Sonja beim Skifahren Benno...

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Hallo ihr Lieben,

diese Woche mache ich Urlaub. Ich mache einen Fahrradurlaub! Hurra!

(Damit Sie Bescheid wissen: ich trage immer einen Fahrradhelm, wenn ich mit dem Fahrrad fahre. Das sollen Sie auch immer machen.)


Ich lese diese Woche keine E-Mails und beantworte keine Nachrichten.

Freizeit muss auch sein!

Viele Grüße

Ihre Nicole

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How I Prepared for My Swiss Citizenship Interview

How I Prepared Swiss Citizenshpi Interview.png

This is an email that I received from a client this summer after she had her Swiss Citizenship Interview. In addition to practicing speaking in German, we spent several lessons discussing the Swiss governmental system and how to prepare mentally for such an exam. Our final lesson before her interview was a practice interview. Here’s what she had to say.

N.B. This email has been edited for privacy, clarity and formatting.


Hello Nicole!

I did make it through my German language...

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