B1 Review and B1 Test Prep

I am Frau Warner and I am a B1 test proctor, which means I am qualified to give this exam with the Goethe-Institut.

The B1 class I teach, which meets on Monday evenings, just had their first of two practice tests, and they all did so very well! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie! I'm very proud of them! Ich bin sehr stolz auf sie!

The next session runs April 24 – May 30th, and the session will include B1 topics the clients in this class have chosen. I have a couple of ideas, they're going to make their own requests, and in the first session we will make a plan together.

Here is the link to the class info page: https://www.germanwithnicole.com/b1-german-class-online 

This June and July we will have a session which is focused on B1 test prep and a sample B1 test.

If you're listening to this episode and it's after summer 2023, please contact me via germanwithnicole.com to discuss your needs for B1 test prep!

Das ist genug für heute. Passen Sie gut auf sich auf!

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