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How to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" in German


Learning to say thank you and you're welcome in German is really important, as it's part of good manners in German culture and it's also really easy to learn.

Danke. = Thank you.

Bitte. = You're welcome.

But do you hesitate to say them?

I used to hesitate, too, until I attended a soccer game (Schalke 04 - Glück auf!) and the crowd taught me the importance of "Danke" and "Bitte."

Ein Fußballspiel, eine Bratwurst, danke und bitte.

Los geht's!

Wollen Sie mehr Hausaufgaben?

Would you like more homework?

Here's extra homework for you studious German learners out there: Download the Quick Guide to the W-Fragen.




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