How to Say Ukraine and in the Ukraine, Ukranian in German


How to say (the) Ukraine/in the Ukraine in German, plus how to say Ukranians, women and men, and more.

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die Ukraine – the name of the country, with an article, it happens to be 'die.'

To go into the Ukraine, any kind of action, is “in die Ukraine fahren,” for example.

A Ukranian woman is die Ukrainerin. Die Ukrainerin. Plural form: die Ukrainerinnen die Ukrainerinnen

A Ukranian man is der Ukrainer der Ukrainer Plural form: die Ukrainer.

Plural Ukranian women and men together is also die Ukrainer. To specify Ukranian women and Ukranian men, then you use “die Ukrainerinnen und die Ukrainer.”

Ukranian (meaning the language) is das Ukrainisch das Ukrainisch

That's the same to describe anything Ukrainian as an adjective, ukrainisch.

For example a Ukrainian city is eine ukrainische Stadt.

If anything is in the Ukraine, meaning its position is in the Ukraine, then you have to use the Dative case.

Thus die changes to der, and you get “in der Ukraine.” “in der Ukraine.”

Die Stadt Kiew liegt in der Ukraine. Die Stadt Kiew liegt in der Ukraine.

Refer back to the action of traveling:

Wir reisen in die Ukraine.

People fleeing the Ukraine are part of the “die Flucht aus der Ukraine” - so aus is always followed by Dativ, aus der Ukraine.

To say “The Ukraine War” in German is “Der Ukraine-Krieg” with a hyphen.

If you have another question about how to say something about the Ukraine, write your question as a comment below. I typically respond in 24-48 hours.

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