Practice Dates in German Using Dative, With Free Audio

Practice Dates in German Using Dative Free Audio NEW

And find out more about the first three episodes of the Podcast

The first episode of the Podcast is going to publish in only a few days.

The second and third episodes will follow soon after, and you can find out what those dates are in this short listening exercise.

Ihre Aufgabe:

Your task is to listen to the audio below and to note which dates the first three episodes will be released (auf Deutsch, natürlich) and then how often new episodes will be published after that.

All of these numbers are under 20. You'll need to use the am _____ten construction for these dates, because you'll discover on which days the episodes will be published.

Here's an example of this construction for you:

Julia hat Geburtstag am 18. August.

Which means when you speak it, that you say this:

Julia hat Geburtstag am achtzehnten August.

The first example is what you'll write. The second example is what you say.


Helpful Vocabulary Words:

die Folge, die Folgen = episode

erscheinen = to be released/to be published

das Audio:

Listen to the audio. You'll hear the instructions and the German, and there is music that divides that section from the English answers.

Viel Spaß beim Hören!

Schon gehört?

(Have you heard it already?)

See where to listen to the Podcast

P.S. You know I can't stand Denglisch, but there isn't a word for Podcast in German... yet ;)


The Podcast is here!
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Hiuro Shizukay

Your method for teaching is very very efficient, i can't wait for the next episodes. Thank you very much from the great Kabylie.

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Nicole Warner

Thank you very much. Und bitte sehr! Happy listening!

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Guten Abend Nicole! I listened to the audio and got the release dates correct, but I'm not sure I spelled the words correctly. Is there a document with the spelling for this style of dates somewhere, or a PDF with the dialogue so that I can make sure I understood correctly? Danke! 

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Nicole Warner

Bitte sehr:
am ersten August / am 1. August
am dritten August / am 3. August
am fünften August / am 5. August

This is a great challenge for you, since you've done numbers but not cardinal numbers (yet). Well done for taking it one step further.

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