Erst Ordnung schaffen - First Create Order

Erst Ordnung schaffen first create order-cover-NEW

«Erst Ordnung schaffen.»

the stylist proclaimed as she clipped a section of my hair to the side and combed the section she was about to cut.

Erst Ordnung schaffen.

First, create order.

At that moment the hairstylist probably had no clue what an impact she would have on my life.

Her comment was my official introduction to the German sense of order.

In this first episode of the Podcast you'll hear how one of my private lesson clients created order and how it has changed his German learning.

You'll receive a little bit of homework, too.


Erst Ordnung schaffen.

N.B. The A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure guide has been retired and as such, is no longer available.

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