5 A2 German Story Books for German Learners

5 A2 German Story Books for German Learners Cover NEW

Finding interesting story books for A2 German learning doesn't have to be a chore - here you can read the research I've done for you and simply purchase the books and have them delivered.

Some books are available in digital versions, which does save space, however there are distinct advantages to having a physical book, from less screen time to easily writing notes on the page.

The most important part, however, is having reading material that is at your current level of German (these are all A2 books) that are interesting to read and help you solidify your skills. Here are 5 such books, written specifically for German learners at the A2 level.


These are affiliate links to either alibris, an independent bookstore marketplace, or Amazon, depending on which one you click. If you use one of the links here to purchase the book, I receive a small monetary thank you for recommending it to you, but I do not know who buys what. If you use these links to make your purchase: herzlichen Dank!

Buch 1: Kalt erwischt in Hamburg

Kalt erwischt in Hamburg_Buchdeckel.png

 If you like Krimis, mysteries, then this one's for you. Kalt erwischt in Hamburg is part of the Tatort DaF series from Klett Publishing that includes interesting places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The story takes place in Hamburg and it's centered around a trumpeter who plays in the Hamburger Michel. That's one of Hamburg's most famous churches.

Kalt erwischt in Hamburg has 62 pages and includes an audio you can download.

Current prices at alibris are $9-12.

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Buch 2: Verschollen in Berlin

verschollen in Berlin.png

Here is a second book out of the Tatort DaF series, which takes you to Berlin.

Jan is supposed to meet up with his girlfriend Maja in the Glaskuppel des Reichstags. Maja doesn't show, so Jan goes searching for her.

This book has 55 pages and also has an audio download.

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Buch 3: Die Skorpion-Frau

die Skorpion-Frau.png

Krimis are pretty popular in the DaF A2 level and this one is no exception.

Die Skorpion-Frau "Life and Death in Heidelberg" has a preview you can see at the Cornelsen Publishing page. Click here to see the preview.

This murder mystery has 48 pages and drawings of the characters to help you keep everyone straight. You can download the audio and listen to it while you read or as an additional activity.

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Buch 4: Das Geheimnis der Statue

das geheimnis der statue.jpg

Yessss, another mystery.

This one has 56 pages and is about two teenagers who find a small, white statue in an old house. But when Max sees a poster for animal protection, he begins to wonder if it's made of ivory. Thus their dangerous adventure begins.

This story book might be for youth, however you're never too old for a good story.

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Buch 5: Sicher ist nur eins

Sicher ist nur eins.jpgYou weren't expecting another mystery, were you?

You would have been correct.

This one is about Detektiv Carsten Tsara, who goes to a "Hightech-Firma" to find a missing file that's very important.

"Sicher ist nur eins" - the only thing he's sure about - is that Walter Dessauer will lose his job if the good detective doesn't find it quickly.

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