Do you miss Oktoberfest, too? Here's how to create a meaningful Oktoberfest at home.

Do you miss Oktoberfest, too Create meaningful Oktoberfest at home cover NEW

So ein Pech!

No Octoberfest this year. Oktoberfest would have been from September 19 to October 4.

So...we make our own!

Here are the three ingredients to make yourself a fun (and safe) Oktoberfest right at home:

Schlager. Essen. Dekorationen.

Schlager Music. Food. Decorations.

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1. Schlager!

Schlager is its own genre of music. It's a mix of traditional tunes and pop music and it's really distinct. A lot of Schlager TV shows in Germany show people sitting around tables, bobbing their heads and smiling while a singer steps between the tables, lip-syncing to a song. Yep, Milli Vanilli style.

You can stream for free right here.

Musik - fertig!

2. Essen!

Let the German Food come to you!

Order a German Food Box and it will be delivered right to your door. Each German Food Box includes 6-8 authentic German products in every box. They're all German products straight from Deutschland.

All of the products vary each month, so it's a new box each month. There are traditional German recipes and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Try it for a month or keep it up for an entire year.

You can even gift a subscription!

Be sure to scroll down on their site to see if the Oktoberfest coupon info pops up. ;-)

Affiliate link

3. Dekorationen

What's a party without decorations?

Etsy has 421 different entries for Oktoberfest decorations and you can probably find something to use again at a future party.

There are even downloads for party decorations, bunting and photobooth signs from this seller here (Affiliate link). No shipping charges and you can print the decorations right at home. Einfacher geht's nicht!

See all the Oktoberfest Decorations on Etsy

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Ihnen wünsche ich ein schönes, frohes und gesundes Oktoberfest!

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