Woche der deutschen Küche: Spätzle

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What are they, noodles? Dumplings?

It doesn't matter--it's SPÄTZLE!

I don't believe you've really had German food until you've had homemade Spätzle.

Maybe you've tried dried Spätzle noodles? They're ok. You can find them at ALDI several times a year here.

Spätzle at many Germanic restaurants here is usually pre-made and then reheated in a pan. They're ok but usually they dry out quickly and then they're tough to eat.

The best Spätzle are made at home. They take time, it's effort, and if you use a Schäberle your arm might get really tired. Spätzle also take practice to make really well, and it is very much worth the effort!

You'll need this recipe, a few tools (you probably have some of them already) and some time. Gut Ding will Weile haben. Good things take time.


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das Rezept

Here are your Spätzle recipe cards in German and in English:

Download Spätzle Recipe Cards (German and English)

die Werkzeuge

This is where the differences come in. A cultural tip: some people will argue about the tools for making Spätzle like it's the Packers vs. the Vikings. Like Bayern München vs. Dortmund. Like the Capulets vs. the Montagues.

Here are your options.

Option 1Spätzle Recipe.png

You can use a Spätzlebrett and a Schaber (in Swabian it's a Schäberle) or an offset spatula, like one you would use for icing a cake. Check out spaetzle.de to see pictures of those. (They're small pictures, but you'll get the idea. It's hard to find these in the US.)

The goal (eventually) is to create the thinnest, most ribbon-like noodles, and this is the way to achieve that. Mine look more like fettuccine noodles, because I still need to practice. So if this takes you many sessions to achieve, it's OK!

Option 2

You could use a Spätzle press like this one from Amazon. (Affiliate link)

Option 3

You can use a Spätzle maker like this one, also from Amazon. (Affiliate link)

Option 4

Or you can use a Spätzle shaker. Here's one from Amazon. (Affiliate link) This is the kind of shaker one of my Swabian friends uses during the week, as it's simple, easy to use, easy to clean up, and the Spätzle it makes are still good!

Basically you need to experiment to find out which method works best for you and the time you give it.


die Zeit

You'll need the most amount of time if you use a Spätzlebrett and a Schäberle. The best way to understand it is with this video on YouTube, where Frau Lutz demonstrates it and explains everything in her beautiful Swabian accent (♥).

How to understand Frau Lutz:

  • "Immer wieder naidunke" = "Immer wieder reintunken" = "Dip it [the board] in over and over again".
  • "Siesch?" = Siehst du?
  • "Tei drof" = der Teig da drauf
  • "Das isch grad ideal" = Das ist gerade ideal.
  • "Glatt schtreiche" = Streiche es glatt.
  • "Guckemal" = Guck mal = Schau mal

She doesn't use anything but a knife and a board! Frau Lutz is my Spätzle-making hero.

"Frau Lutz kocht Spätzle" bei YouTube schauen



Wenn Sie mal Spätzle gekocht haben, egal ob diese Woche oder ein anderes Mal, kommen Sie zurück und erzählen Sie, wie es war.

When you've tried Spätzle, whether it's this week or another time, come back and tell us how it went.

Diese Woche ist «Woche der deutschen Küche»!
Wir feiern sieben Jahre GermanWithNicole!


Nicole Warner

Two of my clients use Spätzle in Chicken Noodle Soup. Eine fantastische Idee!

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Michele Rudzewick

Meine  Mutter macht liver Spätzle Suppe wenn ich war Kind. Sehr lecker!

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