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ALDI is a world-wide discount supermarket store from Germany and they offer a limited amount of offerings for very low prices. Every week they have a different special on special purchase items, so check their weekly ad to find out what the specials are.

From what I've been able to discover, ALDI has German Week four times a year, so once a quarter. One of these times it's Oktoberfest - products imported from Germany to help you celebrate on this side of the big pond.

ALDI has their own brands and labels for their products and the German products sold in the US are sold under the name "Deutsche Küche," German kitchen.

Here are 3 highlights of the German foods during their Oktoberfest week:

1. Erdnussflips - Peanut Puffs. A puffed snack covered in peanut butter (like a peanut-version of cheese puffs). Delicious and dangerously addictive. It's probably a good thing these are only available a couple of times a year.

2. Jaffa Cakes - I don't know where this name comes from, but these are cookies readily available in German supermarkets. Filled with raspberry jam or orange, these cookies are then covered in chocolate. Mmm, lecker!

3. Pork Schnitzel - The last time Aldi sold these I carefully read the ingredients and it read something like "pork, bread crumbs, etc." and if memory serves me correctly, there wasn't much of anything I couldn't pronounce. Stock up on these, who knows when Aldi will sell them again and they are a decent alternative to opening a package of something with ingredients you need a degree to understand.

Here's the thing about ALDI in Germany

Everyone shops there. Everyone who eats food knows Aldi and knows that spending less on your basics leaves more money for savings, for hobbies, for vacation. (And Germans certainly know how to save money, have fun, and take vacations...)

Here's the thing about ALDI in the US

The quarter you put into the cart is only a deposit until you return the cart. And since you return your own cart to get your quarter back, they don't have to pay another person to collect your carts, clog up the parking lot, and buy extra insurance to protect themselves from shopping cart-car accidents. Your quarter and the 30 seconds it takes you to put your cart back adds up in huge savings for you.

ALDI US stocks German coffee and chocolate all the time, so they've got your bases covered for you 365.

Find your nearest Aldi and see the other special buys this week at the ALDI US page.


N.B. I'm not associated with ALDI nor did I receive any kind of compensation for this post. I simply love German Week at ALDI and want you to know more about it. Because...Erdnussflips!

Wiederholen Sie, bitte!
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