How to Create the Weil Sentence Structure

How to Create the Weil Sentence Structure Cover NEW

The Weil sentence structure is a tough one for English speakers. We say "because I said so," but the Germans say "weil ich es gesagt habe," or (translated directly) "Because I so said!"

It's the exact opposite way in German. The verbs go all the way at the end.

Although Germans are, at least in the media, losing this construction faster than the ice caps are melting, there is one almost-guaranteed compliment you will receive when you can say this properly. A German will hear it and say to you, "Oh, Sie können aber gut Deutsch!"

To create this structure properly, you must kick your verb(s) to the end.

It's hard, so I've created a video to teach you how.

Watch this video and learn how to kick your verbs to the end!

Watch the GermanWithNicole Weil Video on YouTube

Be a verb-kicker!

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