Sprachkurs Schwäbisch

Sprachkurs Schwäbisch

Harald Schmidt, who has since given up his late night spot on German television, is to Germany was Letterman and Leno were to the US. He's also a Schwab, he's an incredible mimic and can reproduce pretty much any German dialect.

Here his Sprachkurs (Crashkurs) Schwäbisch.

If you're not yet familiar with Swabian, here's a comparison that should help you understand how it relates to German:

Swabian is to German as Creole is to North American English.

Swabian and German are related, but just as North American English speakers frequently can't understand Creole, Germans usually can't understand Swabian.

Swabian is a fun and fantastic dialect, although it's really tough to learn. I learned a bit and I enjoy it.

Schwäbisch isch oifach herrlich!

Watch the Sprachkurs Schwäbisch on YouTube

Karneval / Fasching / Fastnacht
Live Demonstration: Brick Oven Bread Baking. June 1, 4-6 p.m.


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