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5 Last-Minute German Gifts

5 Last-Minute German Gifts.png

Es weihnachtet!

Es weihnachtet so schön!

Wer Geschenke noch nicht gekauft hat...hat noch Zeit!

Hier 5 gute Tipps für deutsche Geschenke, die noch vor dem 1. Weihnachtstag eintreffen:


1.  Feuerzangenbowle Set - $99

(The company I had originally linked to closed due to retirement. You'll need to use your favorite search engine to find one.)

Feuerzangenbowle is one of the best German inventions when it comes to adult beverages. You spice red wine (in the punch bowl) and heat it up. Across the top you place the "Feuerzange" and the sugar cone, which has been soaked with rum. Light the sugar on fire, and it caramelizes the sugar and drips down into the punch bowl. Fertig ist's--Feuerzangenbowle!

(Obviously, this is meant for responsible adults and not children, so exercise caution when lighting sugar on fire in your kitchen.)

Remember to order extra Zuckerhut when you buy the Bowle.


2.  Everyday Words Stickerbook in German - $8.95

Usborne is a US-based, educational book seller and they have a stickerbook for kids to learn everyday German words. 200 stickers in this book.

Using stickers is a good way to associate physical objects with their names. Great for parents and kids learning German at the same time!

3.  Kölschwasser No. 4711 - $28.95 - $48.95

Buy it as an aftershave or an eau de cologne; dab on a little and be refreshed. (Yes, this is the cologne your Grandpa brought home for your Grandma after the war. It's still being made and still being sold. And still being worn!)


4. A direct flight Minneapolis - Frankfurt on Condor - Starting at c. $500 (one-way)

Condor began direct service Minneapolis-Frankfurt this summer and they are picking it back up in summer 2015. This morning booking a ticket on July 1, 2015 Minneapolis-Frankfurt was $469.99, return flight $513.99 one week later. Not bad for high summer in Europe!

A direct flight has many benefits, including getting your kids on and off the airplane only once. So if you're headed to Germany next summer, a direct flight is a good way to do it!


5. Toys, bags, and gifts from Sachen in Mequon, WI - Store is closed. :(

Sachen sold high-quality toys imported from Germany and Italy, beautiful womens' handbags and items for conscious living. If you know of another such store in the US, please let me know by contacting me on the "contact" page (at the top right).




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