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Pfannkuchen - Pancakes!

PfannkuchenGermans have a wonderful affinity for pancakes, and their pancakes are more in the French crepe style. There is a restaurant in Ulm that specializes in pancakes, and I can highly recommend it.

If, however, you are nowhere near Ulm, here is a recipe from Kochen mit der Maus (a cookbook from the children's show Die Sendung mit der Maus), converted into American units. (Unfortunately the original webpage where I found it isn't up any more, but if anyone finds it, please let me know!)

2 German ...

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Wisconsin Woman Returns Long-lost German Documents

A very thoughtful Wisconsin woman found German-language documents belonging to other Wisconsin residents whose family escaped the Holocaust. For 14 years she tried to find the family and now she has finally found them and returned their documents. Read the article and see the pictures at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

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Deutsch Perfekt - Magazine for German as a Foreign Language

magazine learning German Foreign Language.png

“Deutsch Perfekt” is a magazine for Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF for short; in English it’s German as a Foreign Language). If you are serious about learning German and want to spend some quality time with a magazine specifically for DaF, I *highly...

An "Elfchen" is similar to a Haiku in that it has a set form, however it is unique in that it has 11 words, the lines having 1-2-3-4-1 words, respectively.  Here’s one I wrote for my student’s Valentine’s Day (Valentinstag!) lesson last night:Liebe ein Elfchen neu



grosse Gefühle

veraendert das Herz

bringt uns neue Gedanken



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