Nine Year Anniversary German With!


Nine Years of!

Although I've taught German since 2010, I've only taught privately and online since 2013. (Wellllll, it may have actually been 2012, but this was a chance development in my life that turned into a business, so if you won't tell anybody, I won't.)

Today you'll hear

  • two short numbers exercises in German,

  • a thank you in German followed by the same text in English,

  • and then five fantastic German words I've come across in the past few years.

So you can learn the correct spelling, here are the words in a different order:

das Erdmännchen


die Habseligkeiten (plural)

die Hemmungsschwelle

der Schnäppchenjäger

Danke nochmal für's Zuhören und passen Sie gut auf sich auf!

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