How Does German Culture Compare to US Culture?


Frequently, very frequently I find myself confused by living in the US again.

The culture is simply so different from German culture, which is where I began my post-grad school life.

I couldn't put words to all of it, but then a friend of mine asked me recently, "Of all the places you've been, where did you have the most culture shock?"

It took me weeks to sort out my answer.

After considering the 21 countries and perhaps 18 states I've visited, I've finally got my answer.

In this episode we'll explore three specific cultural differences based on the Hofstede Insights, which are extraordinarily helpful in comparing cultural values.,the-usa/

Plus you'll learn a German phrase which indicates how long-term the Germans really think.

They do so love to plan ahead, too.

But that's an episode for another day.

Today: German culture vs. US culture.

N.B. The A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure Guide has been retired, as as such, is no longer available.

Frau Warner reads aloud: "der Kobold in der Mühle" from the Brothers Grimm
What do "Bis bald," "Bis später," and "Bis nachher" mean?

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Das ist eine sehr interessante Studie. Bitte entschuldigen ie die Antwort auf Englissh:

in my experience the Individualism aspect dominates in the workplace as a reflection of the Masculinity factor. (Be the Best). In civic life the Individualism is much less dominant - except when driving, of course.

The Uncertainty Avoidance factor must be much higher than the study reports. I've been questioned about my recommendations so many times and so thoroughly drilled-down it seemed more like a reason to delay a decision rather than the search for all possible factoids.

The Long Term orientation is certainly high in German with an obsessive need for perceived quality, even of that quality is not required for the task or use at hand.

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