What is A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 in German learning?

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In this 5th episode of the GermanWithNicole.com Podcast you'll learn what these designations mean for German learning.

You've surely seen this alphabet-number combination on German learning materials and maybe you've seen or taken a German language assessment test and received one of these combinations as a result. “You can take a class at the A2 level.”

But what does it mean?! And why should you care?!

Hint: Understanding these combinations will make your German learning life sooooo much easier.

Answers to those questions and so much more today!

To go along with this episode you'll find a graphic below that will help you understand how these things fit together.

The podcast by itself or the graphic by itself would be incomplete, so it's a great idea to listen to the podcast and to view this graphic at the same time.


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Really appreciate the point about “experience” being important to progress in learning language

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