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What is A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 in German learning?


In this 5th episode of the GermanWithNicole.com Podcast you'll learn what these designations mean for German learning.

You've surely seen this alphabet-number combination on German learning materials and maybe you've seen or taken a German language assessment test and received one of these combinations as a result. “You can take a class at the A2 level.”

But what does it mean?! And why should you care?!

Hint: Understanding these combinations will make your German learning life sooooo much easier.

Answers to those questions and so much more today!

To go along with this episode you'll find a graphic below that will help you understand how these things fit together.

The podcast by itself or the graphic by itself would be incomplete, so it's a great idea to listen to the podcast and to view this graphic at the same time.


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Really appreciate the point about “experience” being important to progress in learning language

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