7 German Words for Spring Cleaning

7 German Words for Spring Cleaning NEW

Der Frühlingsputz ist ein Muss.

Spring cleaning is a 'must.'

It's not always a lot of fun, however it could be more interesting if you learn the German words for what you do.

Here are 7 words and phrases (including 6 verbs!) to help you learn German as you do your Frühlingsputz.

You can download the vocabulary card and print it out.

You could even use it as a checklist for your Spring cleaning.

Warum nicht?

If you like to do parts of your Spring cleaning over a couple of weekends, you could even write a sentence or two in the comments here and tell us what you did last weekend or what you will do this weekend.

If it's not on the vocabulary card, that's even better! Other readers can learn from you, too.

Here is the vocabulary card for you to download.

Viel Spaß beim Putzen!

Download German Vocabulary Spring Cleaning Card



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