Save 5% on the Best German Pretzels in the US

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Meet the Milwaukee Pretzel Company!

They make pretzels--German pretzels!

They make them here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You can have them shipped to you!

These are the best pretzels I've eaten outside of Germany.

When you visit one of their stands here in Milwaukee you'll likely have a chance to eat their Obatzda, which is a delicious, Bavarian cheese specialty made with camembert, butter, a splash of beer, onion, and paprika. And yes, their Obatzda is also the best Obatzda I've had outside of Bavaria.

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Your Special Offer from the Milwaukee Pretzel Company

The Milwaukee Pretzel Company will give you 5% off your entire order on every order with the code GERMANWITHNICOLE.

Make sure you enter the code every time you order and you'll receive 5% off.

Check out the Milwaukee Pretzel Company - and if you want to order a larger amount, you can freeze their pretzels and they have video instructions for reheating all their pretzels.

Denken Sie daran: use code GERMANWITHNICOLE for 5% off every order.


Visit Milwaukee Pretzel Company

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Kim Bilderback

Ich liebe die Brezeln von Milwaukee Pretzel Company. Ich bestelle 20 Brezeln gleichzeitig. Ich friere sie. Wann ich will eine kleine Mahlzeit, ich bake eine Brezel für 5 Minuten. Sehr lecker!

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