7 "Fantastisch" German Products You Can Get Here in the US

7 Fantastisch German Products You Can Get Here in the US Cover NEW

One of the best parts of German culture is the Apotheke, the pharmacy! Not because of the prescription drugs, but because of the products you can buy there. And the freebies--don't even get me started. I once bought some facial care products and make-up and they gave me a HANDBAG. A HANDBAG!!! I still have it. Die Tasche ist fantastisch! I even got a tea candlelight holder one year and since it was Advent/Christmas, the candle holder was in the shape of a star. Ja, das habe ich auch noch.

Every time you go to the Apotheke they give you things for free! Wunderbar! The Apothekerinnen und Apotheker are extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to your questions, so go ahead and ask all your questions. It's all about service and care in the Apotheke, that's for sure.

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Smallflower.com (Affiliate link) is an Apothecary in the European tradition. Founded by Peter Merz in 1875, and as he was of Swiss descent, he served his international customers well and tended to their needs with both herbal medicines and medicines.

1. Fußbutter: Calendula Rosemary Foot Repair by Kneipp

A friend of mine is a nurse so she's on her feet all day and I gave this to her as a gift--she took one whiff and hugged me, she was so excited because she knew the natural ingredients would be a huge relief for her sore and tired feet. Das ist ein schönes Geschenk!

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This one is my all-time favorite German product:

2. Lavendel Entspannungsöl - Weleda's Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Once you go Weleda, you can't go back. This is the best scented, most relaxing lavender product I've used, and it works for my sensitive skin. Sag einfach ja...

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Need I say more? Im Ernst jetzt...es ist NIVEA. Einfach klasse.

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4. Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka founded the company WALA and invited Elisabeth Sigmund to join him, as she had developed a holistic skin care concept. The company itself has an incredible history of creating products which support the body naturally, and the products that I've tried are quite nice. I've tried the loose powder, which was lovely. And I hear this Clarifying Day Oil is also wonderful:

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5. Melissengeist von Klosterfrau

Germany is crazy for this product. Here's the product description - unglaublich!:

"Klosterfrau's flagship product, this tonic based on 13 natural herbs has a firm place in almost every German household. Internal use: Effective against nervousness, states of tension and excitement, anxiety, difficulties in falling asleep, headaches, sensitivity to changing weather, non-organic heart ailments, painful menstrual cramps and during menopause, stomach-intestinal ailments like indigestion, fullness, no appetite. Alleviates symptoms of a cold or flu."

And it can be used topically, too: "Painful nerves, pains after muscular exertion, lumbago, gingivitis, indisposition and exhaustion."

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6. Em-eukal Bonbons - Gumdrops from Em-eukal

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7.Teekanne Tee!

Rosehip and hibiscus blossom tea. Lecker!

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Sorry, There is no Oxford Comma in German.
Krank sein, ein Elfchen


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