Haben Sie «Vitamin B»?

Haben Sie Vitamin B Cover NEW

Suchen Sie einen neuen Job?

Brauchen Sie neue Kunden?

Wollen Sie jemandem helfen, eine ganz neue Karriere anzufangen?

Dann brauchen Sie Vitamin "B".

"B" für Beziehung

Everybody knows you need vitamins, preferrably from fruits and vegetables, or from vitamin tablets. There are real B vitamins in Germany, like Vitamin B12, however they also have this special vitamin known as "Beziehung"...relationship.

This gets at the heart of all networking and elbow-rubbing and shmoozing that goes on all over the world every day--in every culture. In English we call it everything from hobnobbing or mingling to straight-up networking.

Take your vitamins

Use your network wisely to acquire a new job, to find new German resources, to help someone else find a new job, to create new business contacts--everything you can imagine!

Who do you know who speaks German?

Perhaps an exchange student from high school?

The daughter of the family you stayed with for a week when you were in school?

A German colleague who worked at your company for a year?

Why not try finding them?


Lesen Sie mehr

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Es ist nie zu früh, an Vitamin B zu denken:  Vitamin B (nach-dem-abitur.de)

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