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5 Easy Books for A1 (Beginning) German Learners

5 Easy Books for Beginning German Learners

And how to get the most out of each book!

If you are an A1 German learner, then that means you are at the beginning level of German. You're a beginner. It stays that way for a while.

The A1 level is key for you because it gives you the basics of German grammar. A1 is the foundational level for all other levels. I frequently tell people:

Think of the A1 level like the foundation of your house. You can't build a house on sand. If you don't have a good foundation, you're going to have a lot of problems later. So build it well, brick by brick, and make sure it's solid.

To help you solidify this, read materials that you enjoy and that bring you new words on topics you enjoy. Look for the A1 level. Usually you'll see a special emblem on the book that looks like this:

A1 Niveau emblem

or it may simply be "A1" on the front and/or back cover.

I recommend you purchase physical copies so you can take notes in the book and so you can use the included audio/mp3 download with the book.

Each is a unique story written specifically for German learners at an A1 level. They are stories about teens and kids, but they are stories for everybody. They may be mysteries, but they are not scary. 


These are affiliate links to either alibris, an independent bookstore marketplace, or Amazon, depending on which one you click. If you use one of the links here to purchase the book, I receive a small monetary thank you for recommending it to you, but I do not know who buys what. If you use these links to make your purchase: herzlichen Dank!


1. Der Schatz von Hiddensee

This is my favorite A1 story. Read this one if you like a wintery vacation, Schmuck (jewelry), and archaeological history.

 Schatz von Hiddensee_Cover.png

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2. Spannende Tour im Schwarzwald

Read this one if you like Fahrrad fahren (bicycling), Wälder (forests), and Baden-Württemberg.


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3. Gefahr am Strand

Read this one if you like being am Strand (on the beach), die Nordsee, and Norddeutschland.

Gefahr am Strand Cover .jpg

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 4. Blinder Passagier

Read this one if you like Schiffe (ships), den Rhein (the Rhine river), and Familienausflüge (family outings).


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Then, when you're ready to move to the A2 level, or to simply give yourself an extra challenge, try...

5. Wilde Pferde im Münsterland

Read this one if you like Pferde (horses), Ferien (school holidays), and reiten (riding horses).

 Wilde Pferde im Münsterland_cover.png

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Three ways to get the most out of these books:

1194985953459004817books aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg.med

1. Read one, short chapter three times. Once to get the idea, a second time to figure out what you need to figure out, and a third time to enjoy it. Then move on to the next chapter.

2. Read a page, play the audio, and then re-read the page.

3. Read the book enough so you understand it, then switch to the audio and listen to that enough so you understand it, and continue alternating until you know it like the back of your hand.


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