Master German Vocabulary

Let me guess:

  • you love German, but learning vocabulary is just so boring.
  • every silver-bullet method for vocabulary learning you've tried has failed.
  • you're overwhelmed by trying to learn thousands of new words a year.

The problem isn't you.

The only problem is that those methods don't fit you.

This Masterclass is a 4-lesson, online course specifically designed to help you master your  personal vocabulary learning method.

Learn more efficiently by employing your natural aptitudes.

Reduce the friction in the learning process so you can enjoy learning new words.

Feel more confident in your German speaking.

Frau Nicole Warner -

“If I had gone to get my Ph.D., this would have been my thesis, but I didn't want to wait that long, so I forged ahead and made this course. The German Vocabulary Masterclass will teach you the techniques I have used in the past 20+ years of learning German, the methods my clients have taught me, and everything I learned from my teaching certification courses. Now it's yours, too.”

The Learning Objectives:

By the end of this Masterclass you will be able to say:

  • I understand the two types of vocabulary use.
  • I know what my personal method(s) for learning vocabulary are and I know how to adjust them.
  • I know how many vocabulary words **I** can learn per week/month/year.
  • I know how to source vocabulary words so I can learn about my hobbies and topics not covered elsewhere.

This Masterclass has an
Introduction Video and 4 Lessons


Watch the introduction video:


Lesson 1: Context

  • The 2 Types of Vocabulary Use
  • The 5 Phases of Learning a Vocabulary Word
  • and more.

c. 30 minutes


Lesson 2: New Possibilities

  • 9 Types of Vocabulary Learning Techniques, including examples
    • Based on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • How many vocabulary words to learn per day/week/month/year?
  • How to handle learning plural forms
  • and more.

c. 45 minutes


Lesson 3: Üben macht den Meister! Üben macht die Meisterin!
(Practice makes 'perfect.')

  • Additional support for pronunciation help
  • Additional support for multilingual people
  • and more.

c. 30 minutes


Lesson 4: Smoother Sailing

  • Every-day sources for vocabulary expansion
  • How does vocabulary learning change as you learn more German?
  • and more.

c. 25 minutes


Additional Vocabulary Resources Included:

  • Vocabulary lists for different learners (or use your own).
  • Lexical Vocabulary Table - for those of you who learn by association and root words
  • Vocabulary Tracker - log your vocab learning like a bullet journal

This online course is for you if:

  • you're ready to put in a bit of time and effort so you can leave your frustration behind.
  • you want to know how many words you can reasonably learn in a week, a month, or a year.
  • you would enjoy an engaging and interactive online course.
  • you're happy to have Frau Warner respond to your comments and answer your questions.
  • you're happy to spend 1-3 hours during the week to spend on a combination of this online course and learning vocabulary words.

This online course is not for you if:

  • you follow the 'gurus' instead of your own gut instinct.
  • you think rote memorization is the only way to learn.
  • your schedule is completely overloaded and you haven't learned any German for weeks.
  • you think earning 'points' on an app is equivalent to learning vocabulary. (Spoiler alert: it's not.)

    “So many ideas and methods for learning vokab were presented for us to mull over and chose from and to vary as needed.”

    Completed the German Vocabulary Masterclass


    “Danke @Nicole Warner für den Meisterkurs. Ich habe viel gelernt.”

    Completed the German Vocabulary Masterclass


    “This was very helpful! It made me feel more comfortable with setting goals and not feeling like I "needed" to do a certain number a week and also to remain more focused when I choose a set of words.”

    Completed the German Vocabulary Masterclass


    “Danke, Frau Warner. Das war sehr hilfreich, und macht viel Spaß.”

    Completed the German Vocabulary Masterclass

For this course you will need:

  1. A total of 1-3 hours per week for this course and for learning vocabulary.
  2. To be able to print two PDFs (if you don't have a printer, simply write out the PDFs by hand).
  3. Potential supplies (you will discover this in the course, because it's based on your natural aptitudes) like flashcards, felt-tip pens, markers, colored pencils, a specific kind of notebook, etc.

Flexibility within the Framework

You can take the 4 lessons one per week OR you work straight through them all and then repeat as you see fit.

You'll receive weekly reminder emails, however you'll have a total of 6 weeks to complete the 4-week course, just in case.

Core Skill for German Learning

Currently open to: Canada, USA

US $125

Immediate access to the entire online course

Weekly reminder emails
to help you stay on track

Your questions personally
answered by Frau Warner

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