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A1 German Sentence Structure Guide

A1 German Sentence Structure GuideThis Guide is a learning tool and resource for you to use throughout the A1 level—from beginning to end.

And into the A2 level, too!

You can use this Guide to help you when you

  • first learn the A1 sentence structures

  • review and repeat sentence structures

  • move into the A2 level and beyond

learn it
review it
repeat it

Are you overwhelmed with German grammar?

Overwhelm is a bad place to be. When you're overwhelmed, you need clarity. And simplicity will get you clarity. That's why this is a one-page guide to all of the A1 German Sentence Structure.

  • One page covers it all
  • Learn, review, and repeat with this guide
  • Put it in your binder or up on your fridge
  • Uses *only* A1 German grammar
  • Learn sentences that are true-to-life
  • Take it with you anywhere

What's in the A1 German Sentence Structure Guide?

Here's what this guide covers:

Aussagesätze und Imperativ-Sätze

Statements (regular sentences) and the command form

Ja/Nein-Fragen und W-Fragen

Yes/No and W-Questions

Verben, Verben und mehr Verben!

Regular verbs, separable verbs, and more!

How is this A1 guide different?

When you start learning German, there are so many resources available, it's hard to know where to start. So many people go "down the rabbit hole" and they try everything--all at once! We don't do that here at GermanWithNicole.com

Here you learn German one step at a time. No overwhelm, no getting lost, no feeling confused. Here you learn to learn, repeat, and review.

Because learning German shouldn't be that hard.

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