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This class has already taken place, however it will be offered again in the future! 

German Swear Words Class

"How do you say @#$% in German?"

Everybody wants to know how to swear in German, right?

But swear words aren't covered in any textbook!

So how are you supposed to learn them and know when (not) to use them?!

In this 90-minute class we're going to cover a boatload of swear words, insults, and negative character descriptions. We'll cover a few offensive gestures, too.

Live and online via Zoom with Frau Warner.

The swear words will be in German, however the class is in English.

What we'll cover in class:

Because you should know what these things mean before you read them on social media.

Swear Words

We will cover the s-word, the f-word, the a-word, and many other swear words.

Frau Warner will teach you her favorite German swear word.

(It's a really good one.)

Insults and Gestures

A thumbs down is a thumbs down, but other gestures are not what you think they are in German.

We'll cover a few gestures you need to know and how they could get you into serious hot water.

Negative Character Descriptions

Your father-in-law is toxic.

Your neighbor is a tightwad.

Your boss is a pot-stirrer.

And you don't give a s*** any more.

How do you say that in German?!

I will teach you how to say all these swear words in German.

Hallo, ich bin Frau Nicole Warner!


German swear words are really offensive.

So why would I teach you German swear words?

Because you need to know what's going on around you!

Because you need to if someone says something offensive to you!

If you only know the "acceptable" German words, how will you know how to judge a sticky situation?

This is about empowering you to understand what's around you. When you know the offensive words, then you can respond accordingly if someone uses these words with you.

Oh yeah, and if you didn't know yet, I lived in Germany auf Deutsch for 5 years, I've got the Zertifikat C2 and I'm certified by the Goethe Institut to teach German as a Foreign Language.

Ich liebe die deutsche Sprache!

All German-language lovers and German learners are welcome! (Yes, that's you!)

The swear words will be in German, however the class is in English.

We'll cover:

  • Swear words in German and correct pronunciation
  • Insults and negative character descriptions
  • Offensive gestures you should know, but not use (because using them could get you into legal trouble).

You must be 18 years of age or older to take this class.

We are going to have a rollicking good time.

I swear!

What other students say about the German Swear Words class:

  • German swear words insults negative character descriptions cover German Swear Words Class

    “The class made me realize that I have to develop my own less offensive hand gestures when educating other drivers of their miscues. ”

    German Student

  • Deutschstunden German Lessons German Tuition

    “Can I say how much I LOVE the handouts!! So professional and beautiful!! It's my jam. ♥”

    German Student

  • German swear words insults negative character descriptions cover German Swear Words Class

    “Approach the class in the spirit it was intended, with swear words being a little understood component of language fluency. This class is not for students who just want to use these words with reckless abandon. These words are more impactful when you know the history behind them and when (not) to use them. Luckily, Nicole covers all these bases during the course. And yes, there is still much giggling involved. ”

    German Student

Which countries is the German Swear Words class open to?


It's currently open to:

  • North America (the U.S. and Canada)
  • all of the European Union, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • the U.K.
  • Australia
  • the Philippines
  • South Africa

Because of VAT tax. That's the only reason.