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Learn to (Actually) Speak German

You are here and you're already on your way to speaking (more) German.

Sehr gut!

Which one of these describes your German learning?

logopink42 You love German and you pretty much hate learning it.

logopink42 You've tried all the apps, a class or two, and you're getting nowhere. Basically you're just treading water.

logopink42 You're overwhelmed by all of the many, free, figure-it-out-yourself options online. In short: you're lost at sea, with no one to answer your questions.

If you love German and hate learning it,

then you know how hard it is to find

the right instructor, learning materials you can understand, and study methods that fit your learning style

so you can actually speak German.

What you need most is consistent, guided practice from a real German instructor

who can and will...

  • answer your questions every step of the way.
  • help you grow your confidence in speaking from your first "Hallo, ich bin...".
  • provide you with sterling-quality courses, exercises, and conversation classes.
  • help you build a consistent German learning practice that adapts with you as your schedule changes

I've worked with hundreds of German learners who love German, but they hate learning it.

They're overwhelmed, frustrated, and they can't figure it out on their own.

They keep trying random things, getting tossed around and going aground.

And then they arrive in the calm waters here at GermanWithNicole.com.

They learn how to practice German every week and it's enjoyable.

They learn which things to practice first, so they can see their progress.

They learn to practice German consistently, which makes it a ton of fun.

Hallo, ich bin Frau Nicole Warner!

I know how it is because I've been there.NicoleWarnerHeadshot_eyes5x5.jpg

I took two semesters of German in college and learned next to nothing.

I tried to learn more on my own, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely lost at sea. Learning German was so hard.

Then I met a teacher who knew how to guide me through the basics of the A1 level and straight through the A2 level. By the time I got to the Goethe-Institut I was ready to hit the ground running and burned through the B1 and B2 levels.

Within 6 months I was fluent and I now speak German at a near-native level. I have the Zertifikat C2, the highest level of German speaking certification available. (Basically I took the hardest German test you can take.)

I’m certified to teach German as a Foreign Language, however I’ve taught German since 2010 and online since 2013.

Even my cat speaks German.

Ich liebe die deutsche Sprache!

The Weekly German Practice is under construction.

Danke schön for your interest, however due to construction it's currently closed to new learners.

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