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Practice German Weekly With Nicole

No more drowning in random German workbooks, apps, and online exercises.

Practice German weekly, at your level, with other German learners just like you.

Learn German with an instructor who knows exactly how hard it is.

Does any of this sound like you?

logopink42 You love German and you pretty much hate learning it.

logopink42 You're just treading water, trying to learn German on your own...and you're getting nowhere.

logopink42 You feel lost at sea, trying to get your questions answered.

What you need most is consistent, guided practice at your level.

In this Weekly German Practice, you'll read and respond to weekly prompts auf Deutsch.

You can attend a conversation class twice a month with Nicole and other awesome German learners.

You'll be able to download and listen to two audios with transcripts per month.

Nicole is the captain of this ship and she'll get you safely to shore.


I've worked with hundreds of German learners who love German, but they hate learning it.

They're overwhelmed, frustrated, and they can't figure it out on their own.

They keep trying random things, getting tossed around and going aground.

And then they arrive in the calm waters here at GermanWithNicole.com.

They learn how to practice German every week and it's enjoyable.

They learn which things to practice first, so they can see their progress.

They learn to practice German consistently, which makes it a ton of fun.

Hallo, ich bin Nicole Warner!

I know how it is because I've been there.NicoleWarnerHeadshot_eyes5x5.jpg

I took two semesters of German in college and learned next to nothing.

I tried to learn more on my own, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely lost at sea. Learning German was so hard.

Then I met a teacher who knew how to guide me through the basics of the A1 level and straight through the A2 level. By the time I got to the Goethe-Institut I was ready to hit the ground running and burned through the B1 and B2 levels.

Within 6 months I was fluent and I now speak German at a near-native level. I have the Zertifikat C2, the highest level of German speaking certification available.

I’m certified to teach German as a Foreign Language, however I’ve been teaching German live and online since 2013.

Even my cat speaks German.

Ich liebe die deutsche Sprache!

How do you Practice German Weekly with Nicole?

You do it on your schedule, at your pace, with other German learners.

Weekly Writing Prompts

Every Tuesday Nicole writes a prompt for you to read and respond to. Every prompt has an example answer for you to use as a guide.

 You can participate a little or a lot.

Listening and Reading Exercises

  Twice a month you'll receive a German learning audio with a PDF transcript. Every audio is prepared and recorded specifically for you by Nicole.

There is audio available for A1, A2, and B1-C2 learners.

Conversation Classes

Twice a month you can enjoy a relaxed, 45-minute conversation with other German learners.

We speak as much German as we can.

Each conversation is guided by Nicole.

Discord Cover die gute Stube

Weekly German Practice is in Discord.

The writing prompts and conversations take place in Discord.

I chose Discord because it's easy to read the chat threads and it's private.

It's called "die gute Stube" because that's a cozy, comfortable place. It's not too formal, not too casual, it's just right.

This online "die gute Stube" goes with you, wherever you are.

The listening exercises run through the website.

It's called Stube Radio, to keep it all gemütlich.

Which countries is Weekly German Practice open to?


It's currently open to:

  • North America (the U.S. and Canada)
  • the European Union, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • the U.K.
  • Australia
  • the Philippines
  • South Africa

Because of VAT tax. That's the only reason.

Weekly German Practice with Nicole

Consistent, weekly practice to help you speak more German

Üben Sie Deutsch wöchentlich mit Nicole

Ich bin dabei!


per month

Weekly prompts to read and respond to.

Two German learning audios per month, with PDFs

Two conversation classes per month

Meaningful interaction with other German learners

Here's an example A1-A2 prompt:

  • Wo sind Sie am Wochenende hingegangen? Wo sind sie nicht hingegangen? (Achtung: Perfekt mit sein als Hilfsverb!)

Ein Beispiel: Ich bin am Wochenende nur spazieren gegangen. Ich bin nicht zum Supermarkt gefahren, ich bin nicht ins Kino gegangen und ich bin nicht Fahrrad gefahren. Connor und ich sind zu Hause geblieben.

We've also had chats about:

  • books we're reading
  • horror films
  • what one thing is we want to achieve by the end of the year
  • what we love to do in autumn

Here's an example B1-C1 prompt:

  • Würden Sie mal ein Sabbatjahr einlegen, um um die Welt zu reisen? Wohin würden Sie reisen und warum? (Achtung: Konjunktiv II, Modalverben in Konjunktiv II)

Ein Beispiel: Ich würde ein Sabbatjahr einlegen, wenn ich mit den richtigen Freuden reisen könnte. Auch wäre es mir sehr, sehr wichtig, Connor mitnehmen zu dürfen. Also zuerst müsste ich viel Recherche betreiben, damit Connor mitgehen dürfte. Eine Zugreise oder eine Wohnmobilreise durch Schottland, Irland und England wäre traumhaft.

We've also chatted about:

  •  the song «Barfuß am Klavier»
  • which parts of nature we're most grateful for
  • reading Harry Potter in German
  • GermanWithNicole.com

    “The prompts were fun and appropriate for our language level (A2).”

  • GermanWithNicole.com

    “It was the little things I enjoy the most - the little comments and exclamations people wrote.”

  • GermanWithNicole.com

    “Du sprichst schnell genut, aber nicht zu schnell. Du bist wie Goldilocks. Ich verstehe nicht alles, aber ich folge, was du sagst.”

  • GermanWithNicole.com

    “I liked interacting with other people and having natural conversations.”

Haben Sie Fragen?

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask:

When is die gute Stube open?

Die gute Stube is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I (Nicole) check in every day except Sundays. (You can still be there on Sundays.)

How often are prompts posted?

Prompts are posted on Tuesdays in the late afternoon. Dienstag ist Deutschtag!

How often are conversation classes?

Twice a month for 45 minutes each.

How often do I pay for my seat?

It's currently a monthly subscription and it renews automatically.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and pay no more. If you cancel, your subscription ends automatically and you'll be removed from the Discord server in short order.

Is it all chat?

No, there are also audio and video options in the Discord community and we'll use that for our conversation classes, too. Everything is in one place.

Do I have to write about myself?

No, you can make up an answer any time you like. The idea is to communicate in German, you can keep your life private.

Is this Weekly German Practice for you?

The answer is JA if...

  • you ♥ German
  • you want to practice the German you know
  • you'd like to learn a bit more week-by-week
  • you're interested in learning from reading what other German learners write
  • your schedule changes frequently or you simply want flexibility in your German learning time
  • you'd appreciate kind corrections from Nicole
  • you like the occasional little surprise
  • you ♥ German

The answer is NEIN if...

  • you're brand new to German (in that case, get on the E-Post list, I'm building a course for you)
  • you'd rather be in a German class with 15 other people
  • you're looking for a lot of personalized attention (in which case you should talk to Nicole about private lessons)
  • you want significant corrections on lengthy texts
  • you think grammar is the end-all, be-all of German. (Zzz...)
  • your mantra is "German is too hard. I'll never learn it."

Which countries is Weekly German Practice open to?


It's currently open to:

  • North America (the U.S. and Canada)
  • the European Union, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • the U.K.
  • Australia
  • the Philippines
  • South Africa

Because of VAT tax. That's the only reason.