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How to Learn a Foreign Language

Like German!

In this six-part course you'll learn how to find quality instruction and learning materials so you don't waste time on someone else's bad ideas.

You'll learn the six parts of learning a foreign language.

You'll learn how to create quality habits to get the most out of your language learning.

You'll learn it all in under one hour.

And it's 100% free.

How to learn foreign language German_cover

 Client Tested, Client Approved

This is how I teach my clients to learn German.

1. Myth-Busting Language Learning

First you'll learn how to bust five common myths around foreign language learning.

They're probably tripping you up already.

2. Find Quality Instruction and Quality Learning Materials

Don't waste your valuable time on questionable materials and resources. Learn the system that quality instructors adhere to and how to recognize high quality materials.

3. Why I Don't Give Grades


Never, ever.

4. The Six Parts of Learning a Foreign Language

Did you know there are exactly six parts?

They're the only six tools you'll need in your language toolbox.

5. Quality Habits to Give Yourself

These are habits I use myself, I teach them to my clients, and they make a huge difference.

6. How to Make It Yours

Just because it's a "foreign" language doesn't mean everything will be foreign to you.

Learn how to make it yours and bring your whole self to the language.

This is how I became fluent in German in 6 months

I had quality instructors, I used these six tools and I gave myself quality habits. (That's me, second from the right, at the Goethe-Institut way back when.)

I learned German in a trial-by-fire, but you don't have to. You can take your time. You can enjoy the process.

Take as much time as you need - there are zero - ZERO grades here.

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Fragen und Antworten

Answers to Your Questions

If a question arises for you in this course, leave a comment and I'll respond within 24-48 hours (except on Sundays - Sonntag ist Ruhetag).