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Free Quick Guide to the «W-Fragen»

This free PDF Quick Guide to the «W-Fragen» covers all the German question words, the W-Fragewörter, you need to know for the A1, A2, and B1 levels of German learning.

Download this Quick Guide to the «W-Fragen» for:

  • the German question words in clear lists,
  • separated by level for beginners, novices, and intermediates,
  • example questions, and
  • complete English translations.

A Proven Approach

Join the thousands of other people who've downloaded this Quick Guide to the «W-Fragen».

One Page Per Level

You'll only have one page for each level:

A1: Beginners
A2: Novices
B1: Intermediates

Example Questions

Each question word is given with an example question so you know exactly how to use each and every one.

English Translations

Each and every question has the English translation on the same page.

You'll know exactly what you're reading.

Are you doing what most people do when they learn the W-Fragen?

So many people jump onto the internet end up overwhelmed with a huge list of thousands of websites to choose from. Far too often what they read confuses them.

You don't need to feel overwhelmed or confused--you can simply download this Quick Guide and you'll have one page per level to help you with your German learning.

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