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German Advent Calendar 2022

der Adventskalender
der Adventskalender
the Advent Calendar
der Adventskalender

Advent is the time before Christmas, and it is not Christmas time. Der Adventskalender comes from the Christian tradition of waiting or a time of expectation of the birth of Jesus.

When I was a kid, Advent was the time of year my grandmother gave me a cool calendar with little doors that opened and had 25 miniature toys in it. It was my all-time favorite Adventskalender and I still have one of those miniature toys!

Making an Adventskalender by hand for your sweetheart is a popular gift in Germany, in fact there are crafting books you can buy with templates. One woman I knew bought lip balm, tissues, chocolate, and gum for her boyfriend and put it all in small paper packages she made in a pretty basket.

One of the loveliest things about an Adventskalender is giving it as a gift.

Here is your gift this year: an audio Adventskalender.

This Adventskalender has two parts:
Part 1: the audio
To receive the audio every day, subscribe to the podcast. Each day from December 1st through the 25th you'll automatically receive an audio with a winter/holiday-themed vocabulary word or phrase.

Part 2: the physical calendar
To write down the new word or phrase every day, click the link in the show notes to sign up for the blank PDF copy of the Adventskalender. You'll receive the PDF to download and keep, as well as the weekly E-Post.

Print out the blank PDF and you can write down the word or phrase each day. The German words and phrases go on the German page and the English on the other page.

If your native language is not English, feel free to write the translation into your native language instead! If you are a native speaker of Spanish, write the vocabulary in Spanish. Or if you speak Bengali, write the translation in Bengali.

Here are those two parts once again:
  1. Pause the audio and click "subscribe" for this podcast. That way you'll receive the audio every day from December 1st through the 25th.
  2. When you're done with that, click the link in the show notes and you'll be taken to a blog post where you can sign up for the blank PDF and that will also put you on the list for the weekly E-Post (you can unsubscribe at any time, no worries).

To be clear, there will NOT be a daily email, only a daily audio. So the audio will appear wherever you listen to podcasts. OR, if you, like many other listeners, prefer to listen directly on the blog, then simply visit GermanWithNicole.com/blog every day from December 1st through the 25th, as the Adventskalender will publish there, too.

Bis zum 1. Dezember!
Bis zum 1. Dezember!
Until December 1st!
Bis zum 1. Dezember!

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German Advent Calendar Day 1



Thanks, I received my Advent Card in the mail today!

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Nicole Warner

@PAUL J BATES Bitte sehr! It's probably one of my clients' favorite things all year round. :)

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Kim Bilderback

Die Sendungen über den Adventskalender war ausgezeichnet. Ich habe genießt und gelernt. Ich sende alle die besten Wünsche für das neue Jahr. Dankeschön. 

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