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Reisebericht: German Fest 2015!

Reisebericht German Fest 2015

German Fest 2015 was a blast--from the food to the music and from the culture tent to the Lederhosen!

And since it's a typical German thing to write a Reisebericht (a travel report), and I took pictures of the food (Ja, Bratwurst!), here is a Reisebericht in Bilder.

German Fest is a wonderful festival that takes place on the Sommerfest grounds directly on Lake Michigan. Luckily the weather was gorgeous and there was plenty of sun and fresh air for us to enjoy!

First, arriving at the front gat…

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Los geht's...nach Milwaukee!

Halli-hallo, liebe Leser!

This weekend I'm off to German Fest in Milwaukee, WI! This Fest has been taking place since 1981 and is a fantastic weekend filled with Brats, Bienenstich, and all things German. This will be my second visit--look for some pictures coming soon!

Schönes Wochenende,


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Studying in Germany Just Got Easier

Studying in Germany Just Got Easier

According to an article from the Deutsche Welle, the European Court just made it easier for those who don't speak German (well) to study in Germany. The European Court has decided:Studenten in Deutschland

Wenn Ausländer aus Nicht-EU-Staaten in Deutschland studieren wollen, müssen sie bestimmte Zulassungsbedingungen erfüllen. Sie brauchen gültige Passpapiere und eine Krankenversicherung, sie müssen an einer Hochschule zugelassen sein und für die Kosten ihres Aufenthaltes selbst aufkommen können. Außerdem dürfen sie k…

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Live Demonstration: Brick Oven Bread Baking. June 1, 4-6 p.m.

The German Settlement Heritage Society of Hudson, Wisconsin is hosting a bread bake at the restored brick oven on June 1, 2014 from 4-6 p.m.

The restored brick oven is at 837 County Rd. N, Hudson, WI 54016 (5 miles east of Hudson, WI) and is on the site of the first German settlement in the area, the Nicholas Schwalen farm.

Nutrition and Outreach Specialist Ross Safford will be conducting the demonstration with his humor, dough-tossing techniques, and stories of baking bread.

Here are a few phot…

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The White Rose Exhibit in Wisconsin

The White Rose Exhibit in Wisconsin

You may not have heard of the White Rose, but you may have heard of Sophie Scholl. She was a member of the White Rose and there is an exhibit about the White Rose touring now.

The White Rose Exhibit is free to school classes, university classes, and the general public. All information is in English and German, and special events will be held at each location. For scheduling and special events information, please contact the organizer at a location that is convenient for you.

This exhibition di…

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