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9 Easy Back-to-School Gifts for German Learners

9 Easy Back-to-School Gifts for German Learners.png

Do you need a German back-to-school gift?

If you're not sure what to give your favorite German learner, here are 9 fantastic ideas, all available from Amazon.com.

The links below are affiliate links. They are marked with an (A), which means that if you click through that picture/link and make a purchase, I'll receive a small amount of that purchase as a thank-you.

More than anything, I want you to buy the best back-to-school gift possible for your favorite German student!

Los geht's!


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Möchten Sie ein T-Shirt kaufen?

T Shirt 2018 whole

Now you can buy a GermanWithNicole.com t-shirt!

These t-shirts were specially designed and are available now!

This is a pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirt in cardinal red with a special design. It is printed locally here in Milwaukee, WI!

Make this unisex t-shirt your own!

It is a unisex t-shirt. However, if you want to do fun and fancy things to it, like cut out the neck, fold & sew the sleeves or add patches of German cities you've visited, be my guest! In fact, send me a picture of your...

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2 German Lozenges for Your Sore Throat

2 German Lozenges for Your Sore Throat.png

Being sick is a drag in any language. Your throat gets scratchy, it hurts, you get all phlegmy...you feel awful, you're tired, and what's worse, sometimes you make other people sick, too! What a drag.

I feel for you. Really, I do, because I've caught a chest cold. What a drag!

Luckily I'm stocked up on two fantastic German products that will soothe that sore throat and help kick the infection more quickly. Thanks to two friends who were recently in Germany, I've got plenty of these...

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7 "Fantastisch" German Products You Can Get Here in the US

7 fantastisch german products get here in usOne of the best parts of German culture is the Apotheke, the pharmacy! Not because of the prescription drugs, but because of the products you can buy there. And the freebies--don't even get me started. I once bought some facial care products and make-up and they gave me a HANDBAG. A HANDBAG!!! I still have it. Die Tasche ist fantastisch! I even got a tea candlelight holder one year and since it was Advent/Christmas, the candle holder was in the shape of a star. Ja, das habe ich auch noch.


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21 Christmas Gifts for German Students - listed by learning level!

21 Christmas Gifts for German StudentsWhen you're buying a Christmas gift for someone who is studying German, you may not know exactly what they need. With one small piece of information, that is which level of German they are at, you can do some quality gift buying right here.

Be sneaky! Look on your German learner's book for one of these combinations: A1, A2, B1, B2, or C1. There might be a "+" after it or the book might show a range of levels, for example A2-B1. Sometimes the letter/number combination is on a blue square with...

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5 Last-Minute German Gifts

Es weihnachtet!

Es weihnachtet so schön!

Wer Geschenke noch nicht gekauft hat...hat noch Zeit!

Hier 5 gute Tipps für deutsche Geschenke, die noch vor dem 1. Weihnachtstag eintreffen:


1.  Feuerzangenbowle Set - $99

The company I had originally linked to closed due to retirement. You'll need to use your favorite search engine to find one.

Feuerzangenbowle is one of the best German inventions when it comes to adult beverages. You spice red wine (in the punch bowl) and...

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