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Deutscher Sprach- und Schulverein (DSSV)

In Wisconsin, natürlich!DSSVlogo

The Deutscher Sprach- und Schulverein (or German Language and School Society of Wisconsin, Inc.) is a state-wide Society that provides an annual German test and an essay contest for high school students in the state of Wisconsin.

To participate you must be currently enrolled in a German language course at a public or a private high school in the State of Wisconsin. How long you've been in that course determines what you are eligible to participate in.

2nd through 4th...

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Video: the Weil Construction

The Weil construction is a tough one for English speakers. We say "because I said so," but the Germans say "weil ich es gesagt habe," or (translated directly) "Because I so said!" It's the exact opposite way in German. Watch this video and learn how to kick your verbs to the end!


Be a verb-kicker!

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Video: The "Ich-Laut"

Learn how to pronounce the "Ich-Laut" in German!How to Pronounce the Ich Laut in German

The Ich-Laut can be tough for English speakers to pronounce because it's not a part of English...or is it? Ladies and Gentlemen, we *do* have the Ich-Laut in English--it's just hidden!

In this video on how to pronounce the Ich-Laut, I show you where to find that hidden "ch" sound in English and then I guide you through a couple of exercises to help you pronounce this sound in German.

The most important factor is that you take the time to find...

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Deutsch Perfekt - Magazine for German as a Foreign Language

magazine learning German Foreign Language.png

“Deutsch Perfekt” is a magazine for Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF for short; in English it’s German as a Foreign Language). If you are serious about learning German and want to spend some quality time with a magazine specifically for DaF, I *highly...

An "Elfchen" is similar to a Haiku in that it has a set form, however it is unique in that it has 11 words, the lines having 1-2-3-4-1 words, respectively.  Here’s one I wrote for my student’s Valentine’s Day (Valentinstag!) lesson last night:Liebe ein Elfchen neu



grosse Gefühle

veraendert das Herz

bringt uns neue Gedanken



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