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arbeiten versus funktioneren


When should you use 'arbeiten' and when should you use 'funktionieren'?

All the answers are in this episode!

You'll learn these two verbs in the context of wine harvest, too, because it's wine harvest time.

Learning to differentiate synonyms in German works really well when you use context.

This way you can easily build a picture in your mind that will help you for all of your German learning.

If it helps, you can even draw yourself a little sketch of a scene you'll hear in this episode.

And yes, stick figures count.

Wine harvest time in Germany means we'll have more German wine soon, including Riesling.

Did someone say "Riesling?"

Here for the Right Riesling Class

Escape with the scents, tastes, and colors of Riesling

Learn all about Riesling in the upcoming class Here for the Right Riesling with me, Nicole Warner, and Sommelier Adam Knoerzer from 'Burghundy, LLC.

It's a one-off class on October 16th at 11 a.m. Central.

No German is required for this class.

All you need to do is sign up and then buy your wine!

Click "Escape with Us" to see to do that.


Escape with us...for the Right Riesling



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