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A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure: a Free PDF for You


What is German Sentence Structure?

It's hard, that's what it is.

You've got structures with dative, structures with the accusative, sentences with dass and with the passive voice. You need examples, you need it in a PDF, you need translations.

Good news: it's all right here in the A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure Guide.

In it you'll see 5 pages of clear examples, grouped together by level, and an English translation for each and every sentence.

There's also plenty of room for you to write notes and key phrases to help you as you learn more German.

Here's what this Guide covers:

A1 (Beginners)
  • der Aussagesatz - sentences
  • der Imperativ-Satz - commands
  • Ja/Nein-Fragen - yes/no questions
  • W-Fragen - open-ended questions
  • trennbare Verben - separable verbs
  • Modalverben - modal verbs
  • das Perfekt - present perfect
A2 (Novices)
  • der Nebensatz
  • (Reflexive) Verben mit Präpositionen
  • Relativsätze im Nominativ
  • Relativsätze im Akkusativ
  • Relativsätze im Dativ
  • Passiv mit werden
  • ADUSO-Konnektoren
B1 (Early Intermediate)
  • weitere Nebensätze
  • Relativsätze im Genitiv
  • Konjunktiv II
  • die Konjunktionen deshalb, darum, deswegen
  • das Plusquamperfekt
  • Doppelkonjunktionen

This Guide will keep you steady as she goes.

It might even put fresh wind in your sails.

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