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German Advent Calendar Day 24


Adventskalender Tag 24: der Heiligabend

der Heiligabend
der Heiligabend
Christmas Eve
der Heiligabend

This is the night from December 24th to the 25th.
This is not Christmas, this is Christmas Eve.

Generally in Germany all stores will close by 2 pm on Christmas Eve. If you need something, you'll have to try a gas station and see if they have what you need. There will not be anything open mainly from Christmas Eve through the 26th.

This is the night for the song Stille Nacht, Silent Night, Stille Nacht.

This is the night for a modest dinner, perhaps you'd like to take in a church service and return home for a quiet evening. Or out to meet some friends. Yes, can you imagine going out on Christmas Eve to see friends who are home for Christmas?

Whatever you do tonight, genießen Sie den Abend.
Genießen Sie den Abend.
Enjoy the evening.
Genießen Sie den Abend.

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